How to Get a (Love) Life

This week I am rather busy because I have just started a course that is taking way too many hours of my time. So every day, after dinner, I just want to disconnect and read something fun to take my mind off. With this idea I started How to Get a (Love) Life by Rosie Blake and the truth is that it worked! I had a lot of fun reading it and every day I couldn't wait to get home to see what was going to happen next! Here is the cover (I really like the colours): 

The story is about Nicola Brown, a girl who likes things in a certain way, has a very organised life and enjoys her work. Even with her OCD-ish ways, she is very lovable and I warmed to her immediately. She is not interested in men because of a past heartbreak. Thanks to some flashbacks we know exactly what happened to her and then we understand her better. But when her coworker, who has become a good friend, Caroline, a busy mother of two, points out that maybe her life is a bit boring and dares her, well actually, double dares her with no returns to get a St Valentine's date, Nicola decides that maybe it is time to get a (love) life.

From this moment, Nicola starts looking for suitable men in the more bizarre places like a carpentry class, a golf course or a grassy dinner. But also through more traditional ways like facebook or blind dates. All this results in a series of hilarious dates (I was really laughing out loud with some of them!) that leave her wondering if she is ever going to find her soul mate. 

What I really enjoyed from this book, apart from the dates, are the supporting characters, specilly his brother who keeps turning up uninvited in her house and tries to set her up with a couple of his friends. He is a good guy who has his own obsession (bats, ugh right?) but who is always there for her. Also, Caroline, who is the key who started everything, and James, his boss. I had a feeling about him that there could be more there and I couldn't wait to know if my intuition was right or not...

How to Get a (Love) Life is funny and uplifting and Rosie's writing is very enjoyable. At the end (I would have loved to know a bit more about what happens after the airport!) you are left with a smile plastered on your face and a warm feeling so if you are feeling a bit down or you are crazy busy and need to have some laughs and relax, this book will do it! 


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