How Not to Be Starstruck

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review. So here it goes!

I recently read the Johnny Be Good series by Paige Toon and became a huge fan of their rockstar lead role. I also love the TV series Nashville, which is all about music bands and touring. So when I got this book, which is about a music journalist that bunks in the buses of famous bands and goes on tour with them, I was very excited to read more about this world. Especially after learning that the author, Portia MacIntosh used to tour with bands and live the rock'n'roll life, so that she has first hand experience!

I have to say that I was NOT disappointed! It was great fun to read about all the bands and what happens backstage. Portia MacIntosh tells the story of Nicole Wilde, a music journalist who avoids living in the real world by pretending to live the rockstar partying life that her friends, the real rockstars, live. This results on a lot of hangovers, arriving late at work and sleeping in tour buses. But she is happy with the way everything is. That is until she is papped in a compromising situation with his bestie rockstar Dylan, who has just got married and is expecting twins. From that moment on, she is targeted by the press and everything falls apart...

I really enjoyed this story because it was full of unexpected twists! During the book Nicole learns who her real friends are, the ones who believe her when she says that nothing has happened with Dylan (quite surprising discoveries here!). She is a bit naive but also very down to earth. That makes her lovable and quite hilarious too, she finds herself in the most incredible situations. In conclusion, I liked Portia's style and I was left wanting more. So for a great fun reading about the not so glamorous life of rockstars, get this book now!             

Rating: 4,5

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