The Rosie Project

The first thing that I heard about this book is that Don Tillman, the main character, was like a book version of Sheldon Cooper. And as a big fan of the Big Bang Theory, I couldn't resist. Moreover, after finishing Beyond Grace's Rainbow (review here), that left me crying like a baby, I felt like I needed a fun read. After reading it, I can say that it was the perfect choice. The Rosie Project is hilarious. 

Don, a professor in Genetics, is quite satisfied with his life. He has everything organised: when to get up, when to work out, when to go shopping and even what to eat every day so he doesn't lose time deciding what to cook and obviously doesn't waste time nor money in his shopping trips. But something is missing: a wife. He wants to find a suitable partner for himself to settle down and have kids in the future. Given that he is not really good with social interactions and that dating has proved not very successful in the past, he decides to start the Wife Project (you quickly realise that he likes quite a lot getting involved in "projects"). 

With the help of his two friends (yes, he has two friends in total), he creates a questionaire that women have to fill in. This way he will find his perfect match and will avoid not suitable candidates. But then, Rosie barges in his life. She is obviously not a suitable candidate for a wife (smoker, drinker, late-arriver, a barmaid!) but Don finds her immensely interesting. Given that his wife project is not giving results for now, he decides to help her find his biological father. They then start a crazy hilarious search to find the man that had a crazy night with Rosie's mother the day of her graduation: The Father Project (one more project, see?). During this project they get to know each other better and discover that they are having the time of their lifes together. A shame though that Don is not "wired" to feel love...  

I really liked this book. It's definitely something different but I am sure that any Chick Lit lover would adore it too. I devoured it in two afternoons and I loved how Rosie appeared in Don's life and make him wonder about everything. She turned his life upside down. Moreover, the book has some hilarious moments (my favourite one was when Don learned to prepare cocktails, I could totally picture him!) that had me laughing out loud. Even with all the scientific and genetic data (I could follow it without any problems, so don't worry), this is sweet cute and heart-warming story. There will be a sequel of this book out on September: The Rosie Effect. I can't wait to read it!

Rating: 4,5

P.S. I have just seen the book trailer and it is the cutest! Check it out: 

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