Conditional Love

When I spotted Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley on Amazon, I couldn't resist. The cover is so lovely. And the story turned to be as lovely! It tells the story of Sophie, a naive girl who rarely steps out of her confort zone, but who has her own dreams of owning a lovely house. So when she gets an unexpected inheritance for a little cottage and some money from a great aunt she didn't know she had, maybe her dreams are about to come true. There are some conditions though... she has to meet her father, who abandoned her and her mother when she was little...

I instantly warmed to Sophie. I could tell that she was very insecure but that she had a lot of potential and talent inside her. It was so unfair that she had always lived under the shadow of her mother... she so deserved the chance to shine for herself. When she first saw the cottage she instantly saw the potential in there and started sketching ideas. It became her little baby project and she poured all her heart onto it. As I said, she had to meet his father in order to have it. I really didn't know what she would do, it was such a difficult situation but I was very proud of her final decision.

About the two men in Sophie's life, I was totally team Nick, the architect Sophie hires to help her with the cottage. His awkwardness around people made him so cute. It was a bit exasperating though that Sophie couldn't see what a moron Mark was from the begining! 

I really enjoyed Cathy's style. This book will warm your heart and leave you with a smile on your face. I cannot wait to read now Ivy Lane, a serialized novel told in four parts. Part 1 (Spring) is already on Amazon. 


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