Crazy, Undercover, Love

When I spotted this book on Netgalley, I couldn't resist. First, the cover is so sexy. Second, the plot sounded fun and delicious. And third, it was set in Barcelona (the best city of the world). So to say that my expectations were high is an understatement. However, the book did not disappoint! At all! Have a look at the cover first:

Crazy, Undercover, Love is the debut novel of Nikki Moore and tells the story of Charley Caswell-Wright. Charley is an opinionated girl who is not afraid of standing for herself. I immediately liked her and loved how brave and ready she was to fight for what was fair. She was fired from the job she had worked so hard to get because she was accused of sexual harassment by her assistant. Tony, her assistant, is obviously full of crap but she has no way to prove it so she is in a very desesperate place: no job, no refferences, no money...

She knows that her plan to work as a temporary PA for the CEO of her ex employer is crazy but it is her last chance to make someone listen to her. What she didn't expect is that said CEO is the gorgeous Alex. Alex is the perfect mogul: job comes first, his privacy is a top priority and relationships are not worth his time. Ah! And he is greek-god gorgeous. The chemistry between Charley and Alex is instantanious but they cannot mix business with pleasure when everything is at stake...

I loved how I instantly liked Charley, I wanted her plan to succeed so much! But then, getting to know Alex was a guilty pleasure. He is so much more that his mogul appearance... he kept surpring me and I just wanted to keep reading to know more about these two. I was holding my breath with every obstacle and at end, I was left with a huge grin on my face! 

Congrats to Harper Impulse because with Nikki Moore they really got the love! Surprising that with only one year they have published so many fab books! I always keep an eye on their last releases because they are always good! Oh and they announced that Nikki's second book, Picnics at Hyde Park, is coming soon. I cannot wait for that one! Meanwhile, get Crazy, Undercover, Love:

Rating: 5 Stars

P.S. Just to show you why I think Barcelona is the best, a pic of the Port OlĂ­mpic, where Alex and Charley have their hotel. 

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