She Likes It Rough

Today I am taking part on the Blog Tour of She Likes It Rough by GVR Corcillo. First of all I would like to thank Fiction Addiction Book Tours for providing me with an e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. You can follow the tour here! And don't miss the giveaway for a $25/£15 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card!

Winner of Best Indie Book of 2013 and Best Humor Book of 2013 from Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards

Title: She Likes It Rough
Publisher: Blackbird Press
Format: e-book
Pages: 320

Blurb: Lisa Flyte is determined to get herself a backbone. That freak fast-food accident with all of its glaring humiliation was the straw the finally really pissed off the camel. But how is daydreamer Lisa supposed to get bold all of a sudden after a lifetime of watching from the couch?

Jack Hawkins, that's how. When Lisa finds out that the outdoor extremist from her business school classes needs a clueless urbanite to test his top-secret line of adventure gear for beginners, she strikes a deal with him: she'll be his undercover test dummy if he'll help her become brave during their jaunts in the wild.

And they're off! Lisa proves to be more spastic than brazen during their adventures, but no worries: Jack can handle Lisa and her primal freak-outs as she works to be more daring. 

But can Lisa use the moxie she develops in the great outdoors to become the alpha hero of her everyday life? She needs to find the grit to pursue a career she really wants and the nerve to finally stand up to her bullying family.

And will Lisa get gutsy enough to go after Jack? He's a man who's not afraid of anything...except maybe of falling for Lisa.


First of all I would like to say what a great surprise! This book captured me from page one and I had to read it in two sittings because I just wanted to know more and more! GVR Corcillo writes an hilarious story with a charming very lovable heroine. She has an attitude but a huge heart and she will have you laughing out loud with all her crazy ideas and adventures. The plot is well-paced and very original. The idea of a survivor of a fast food place fall down who wakes up from a coma to find out that her family has ridiculed her making her a national clown, signed an agreement behind her back and kept part of her millions and that she just wants to face her fears and do something good with her new fortune turns out to be genius!

I loved the relationship between Lisa and Jack. When she agreed to be his undercover test dummy I knew that these two were going to hit it off. But what a story they live! Full of up and downs, insecurities, adrenaline-fuelled sex, lies and maybe love? You will be very surprised with the ending! And what an ending! I can truly say that I enjoyed this book till the last page!

GVR Corcillo will now be part of my top chick lit writers. You don't want to miss this sassy crazy romance! You are in for a treat and lots of laughs for sure! 


About the Author

GVR Corcillo has lived in Pennsylvania, New York, England, Washington D.C., and California. She has worked about a million different jobs, including a ticket-taker at a movie theatre, a sachet-stuffer at a potpourri warehouse, a waitress at a very noisy bar, a radio-show host, a voice-over actress in an award-winning short film, and a high school teacher in South Central Los Angeles. Then, deciding she needed an even tougher job, she decided to become a writer. 

Corcillo won a few writing contests, hit The New York Times Bestseller List with her first short story, and got a B-movie screenplay produced. She Likes It Rough is her first novel. The romantic comedy has won Best Indie Book 2013 and Best Humor Book 2013 from the Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards, and the book has thus far advanced to the Quarter Finals of The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

Today Geralyn Vivian Ruane Corcillo lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ron, a guy who's even cooler than Kip Dynamite.

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  1. Alba! What an amazing review - I cannot stop grinning! I am so glad you enjoyed my book and its zany plot and characters. My mission as a writer is to bring readers pleasure - just as books have been bringing me joy my whole life. I am over the moon with your wonderful, detailed, and descriptive review!!! -GVR Corcillo

  2. Awesome review Alba. I can imagine Geralyn grinning like a loon :)

    Thank you for taking part in the tour.


    1. Yes, Thank you, Alba! I am still grinning, Shaz! About this wonderful review, and about how beautifully my book is featured on this charming and insightful site. Well done, Alba!

    2. Oh! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to read your book! It is always fun to take part in a fiction addiction tour because you can discover little treasures like this one! xx