Love, Lies and Lemon Cake

Title: Love, Lies and Lemon Cake
Author: Sue Watson
Published: June 27th 2014 by Bookouture
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Blurb: Faye Dobson has lost her sparkle. Living on film star fantasies and vague memories of a marriage that once was, she can’t help feeling that life is passing her by. She dreams of being whisked to Paris for dinner, making three wishes at the Trevi fountain and having sex under the stars. But the wrinkles are multiplying, her husband’s passion is for plumbing, and the nearest she’ll get to Rome is a take-away pizza. 

So when Faye meets Dan the gorgeous Australian surfer guy working in the local deli she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to see the world. He is blonde, tanned, ten years younger and bakes the mostamazing lemon cake. Unlike her husband Dan actually listens to Faye, his smile makes her feel fizzy inside, and when he smiles... Oh. My. God. 

But is Faye being silly? What would Dan see in someone like her? Even if he did have feelings for her, could she give everything up to be with him? 

A laugh-out-loud, bittersweet comedy about taking your life back before it’s too late.

I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Review: This was my first Sue Watson's novel but I had heard so many good things about her books that when I spotted this beautiful cover on Netgally I couldn't resist. The title promises Lose, Lies and Lemon Cake and it doesn't disappoint. Sue delivers all these and a lot more. For me, this was a story of taking a moment to re-evaluate your life, deciding if it is all you ever wanted and finding the courage to change it for the better.

Faye is a very strong character and I instantly warmed to her. I couldn't relate to her because I am still on my twenties and I'd like to think that my life is still open to a world of possibilites but I could totally understand her. I struggled with her when she was trying to figure out where her life had gone and then I was there with Dan, pushing her to jump and take the opportunity to see the world. 

Life though has this habit of getting in the way, so this is a bittersweet story (more sweet than bitter though, just like the mouth watering lemon cake that Dan bakes). It is also the perfect read for this summer, with an amazing setting, you'll devour it in one sitting, just like the lemon cake too (sorry for all the cake talking but while reading this book all I could think about was that cake). I'll be sure now to check Sue's other titles.


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