The Greatest Love of Story of All Time

Since I started blogging, I have discovered a lot of new fantastic authors and fab books. The problem is though that my TBR pile has been growing exponentially the last few months. I wanted to read a Lucy Robinson's book since forever because I had heard so many good things about her writing but somehow there was always some other book in the middle. So finally last week I decided to start with her debut novel because she is about to publish her third book. And all I am thinking right now is why the hell didn't I read her books before!

3 words: I loved it! I could leave it there, but I guess you want to know a bit more. I instantly liked Fran, she is so funny and well, her cat is called Duke Ellington, how cool is that! She has quite a good life: caring and intelligent (even a bit too much) boyfriend, good job, good friends... well the whole lot. But when her boyfriend wants a 3 months break the same day she is turning 30 and has been offered a better position, destroying her happy day (I know... the bastard!) her world collapses.

From that moment, her life becomes a mess and the book becomes the funniest book I have read in a while. It is packed with hilarious moments, Fran and her clumsy imaginative ways had me laughing out loud. 

But what makes this book so special are the side characters. Her three friends are as funny as her and they instantly became my friends too. The girls, Leonie, the sex obsessed, and Stephanie, the Russian princess, are very worried about Fran and try their best to cheer her up and together with Dave, the big teddy bear, they make Fran do the 8 dates plan to recover from the break up. Obviously the dates are hilarious and the 8th one turns out to be an unexpected twist that makes this story even more perfect. I said unexpected but I was actually praying to all the gods for that to happen, if you want to find out what I am talking about just buy the book! 

I loved Lucy's style. Warning, there are a lot of rude jokes and swearing but it just makes the book more hilarious so don't worry. Now, her second book A Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger is already on my kindle and I am really looking forward to her new book The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me  later this month. Don't you love the titles too? 


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