Thirteen Weddings

Title: Thirteen Weddings
Author: Paige Toon
Published: May 22nd 2014 by Simon & Schuster
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Blurb: Another scintillating tale from the bestselling author of The Longest Holiday and Lucy in the Sky. Last year, Bronte left Sydney for a wedding in England, where she met newly single Alex. After a night of passion they parted ways, and Bronte returned to Australia.
Now working on a picture desk for a magazine in London, Bronte is about to meet her new colleague, who turns out to be all too familiar. Although awkward at first, as Alex is now engaged to the girl he was on a break from when they met, they soon become friends.
But as the two get closer, and the wedding day looms, it is clear that Alex and Bronte have unfinished business.
A charming bittersweet novel from the author of The Longest Holiday.

Praise for Paige Toon's previous titles:
'We devoured this in one sitting, relaxing on a sun-lounger - and our, er, tireless research revealed that it's the perfect beach read' Cosmopolitan
'Fun, summery, chick-lit with bite - if you want a bit of escapism, this is perfect' Cosmopolitan
'It's fresh, incredibly confident, with a very strong cast and sense of place. This wonderful page-turner kept me guessing right until the end' Marian Keyes

Review: Since I first discovered Paige Toon early this year, she has quickly become one of my favourite authors. Her stories always have something that make them special and with Thirteen Weddings she didn't disappoint. I devoured the book in one sitting (during a flight from NY to Madrid, when I should have been sleeping, but it was totally worth it). 

Bronte is a very special girl, after having a very difficult childhood, she doesn't believe in marriage and even less in God, funny that her photography passion leads her to a job as a wedding photographer assistant. After overcoming her fears of being in a church, she does a really good job so she starts helping Rachel, the photographer, regularly. I loved how she talked about photography, how she described what she saw through the lens, and how she tried to catch the perfect moment. 

And then there's Alex, funny, smart and beautiful. After sharing a very special night and thinking they would never see each other again, they end up working together. Their attraction is palpable through the book but he is engaged and decided to go through with it. I instantly warmed to him and wanted things to work for them. And to make things even more interesting there's Lachie, the attractive Australian wedding singer who is backpacking around Europe. He is younger and a player but you can see that he has deep feelings for Bronte. At first, I didn't like him, but he slowly won a place in my heart too.

This love triangle will have you turning page after page to know more. You will love them, hate them, laugh with them and cry with them. I have to say that when I finished I was not sure I liked the ending but having had a couple of days to think about it, I think Bronte made the right decision and I'm sure she'll be happy, I hope we'll hear something about her soon. That's another think that make Paige's novels so special, there are always references to previous novels, in this case we heart about Ben and Lily and also about Laura. 


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