What a Girl Wants

Title: What a Girl Wants
Author: Lindsey Kelk
Published: July 17th 2014 by Haper and Collins
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Blurb: A summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk Tess Brookes was the girl with a plan. Now she's the girl with a choice. Should she stay in London and start her own advertising agency with her best friend and potential boyfriend Charlie? Or should she head to exciting Milan to pursue both a new career as a photographer and a new man, the enigmatic and elusive (and highly irritating) Nick? For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. With her heart and her head pulling her in different directions, Tess has to make a life-changing decision about What a Girl Wants.

Review: What a Gil Wants was one of my most expected books of the year. I love Lindsey Kelk's books, every one she publishes is even better that her last one and WAGW didn't disappoint at all. Lindsey is one of the best Chick Lit authors I have ever read. Her I Heart series is one of my favourite series and this new one is quickly becoming a favourite too.

Continuing where About A Girl ended, What A Girl Wants can easily be read as a standalone but I'd recommend reading About A Girl first (why reading only one when you can have double the fun reading two fab books?). Tess is the perfect heroine, clever and with a big heart but also a bit naive and lost. In this book though we discover a new Tess, ready to fight for what she wants and for what is fair.

But don't worry, our beloved Tess still manages to live the most crazy adventures, now in Milan, including an opera show, a vespa ride and a night in jail. This perfect summer read will make you laugh out loud for sure. Lindsey has a very unique style that always makes me giggle and smile like a toon. 

If you have read About a Girl, you know about all the #TeamNick and #TeamCharlie. If not, basicly Tess has two candidates for her heart and it is kind of difficult to decide for one (although I was Team Nick from the begining!). But now I'd like to propose a #TeamKepipi, god how I love this man! He is the perfect spark for this amazing book. 

What a Girl Wants is a Must Read, so don't miss it! Now a long wait till the third book of the series is out... (Christmas 2015) Why oh why do you, Lindsey, want to make us suffer? We want the book now!

Rating: 5 stars plus a little heart, meaning it has been one of my favourites so far!

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