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We are in the middle of August, the holiday month. The lucky ones are getting ready for a fantastic holiday on the beach where all they'll have to worry about is reading and drinking cocktails, or they are even enjoying it already. But what happens to the unlucky ones who are stuck at home, working during August? Do not worry, I have the solution: travelling through books. Get your things ready we are going to the hottest spots of the planet and all you need is a comfy couch and a cool dring. 

Follow the route with my top holiday reads: 

1)  Escape for the Summer: Cornwall
Our first stop is Rock, the holiday destination in Cornwall. Ruth Saberton tells the story of three girls who tired of London and their life there decide to spend the summer in this small town on the coast. They live some crazy adventures there while enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches of the UK. This is a summer read you don't want to miss. 

Here is my 5* review: Escape for the Summer 

2) I Heart Paris: Paris
Our second stop in Europe is Paris. The I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk is one of my favourite series, not only do we read about Angela's love problems and stories but also we follow her around the world. Some of her destinations are New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or London. But my favourite one is Paris. In the city of Love, Angela discovers some beautiful caff├ęs and shops while enjoying the top tourist attractions and some mouth-watering croissants. Don't doubt it, if you are looking for some romance and gorgeous views, Paris is your destination.

3) You Had Me at Merlot: Tuscany.    

Next stop is Italy. With You Had Me at Merlot by Lisa Dickenson we visit one of the most beautiful regions of this country: Tuscany. Ellie and her friend take a singles holidays in a vineyard and not only do they enjoy the male attention but also the stunning setting and Lisa describes it perfectly. Moreover, who doesn't enjoy some delicious wine while on holidays? You might as well go to the source. 

Read my 5* review for You Had Me at Merlot here.

4) Wedding Night: Greek Islands
Sophie Kinsella takes us to our 4rth stop, Greece. In her last novel, Sophie tells us the story of Lottie, who after being dumped by her boyfriends reconnects with an old lover and they rush down the aisle. Their honey moon takes them to the paradisiac island in Greece but they won't enjoy their trip as much as newly weds should. Follow their crazy adventures in the perfect summer destination, you will want to hop on the first plane to Greece!

5) Pictures of Lily: Sydney and Adelaide   
We leave Europe to land in Australia. Paige Toon takes us to Adelaide with Lily, a teenager who doesn't want to leave London. But once she discovers the beauties of her new town (including the natural park with the cutest koalas and kagaroos and a certain worker named Ben), she starts to fall in love with her new country. We follow her later in life when she moves to Sydney, where she enjoys a nice live but something, or should I say someone, is missing. 

6) About a Girl: Hawaii                                
Our next destination is in the middle of the Pacific. Lindsey Kelk (again, I know, I just love her and her books so much) takes us to the (as she says) Ryan Gosling of destinations, it has no bad angle. There, we enjoy some of the most impressive sunsets with Tess and the hilarious Keipipi takes us to the hot spots of the islands. Oh, and I almost forgot! The sexy Nick (#TeamNick forever) shows us one of the most romantic scenaries: a secluded waterfall.                                                    
Read my 5* review of  About a Girl here.

7) Take a Look at Me Now: San Francisco
Our 7th stop is San Francisco, California. I have always wanted to visit this amazing city, I think it all started with Full House (I loved that TV series and wanted to live in their house), so every time I see a book set in this city I can't resist. Take a Look at Me Now was the first book I read by Miranda Dickinson (and won't be the last, for sure). Nell has just lost her job and decides to spend some weeks with her cousin in San Francisco. She discovers all the amazing secrets of this city with the help of her new friends but also a new passion that will change her life.

8) From Notting Hill to New York... Actually:

New York The Notting Hill series by Ali McNamara is also a favourite series of mine. I loved the second book specially because Ali took us on a trip to one of the most amazing cities in the world, New York. Scarlett, after starting her new life in London and finding the lead man of her own romantic movie travells to NY with her fab friend Oscar. Thanks to her love for movies, we visit some of the most iconic spots of the city that we have seen in movies a hundred times. And there's a cameo of a famous actor. What else can you ask for?                                                         

9) The Longest Holiday: Key West
Paige Toon takes us to the last stop of our World Trip, Florida. In the book, Laura has just discovered that her husband of six months has been hiding a terrible secret. Devastated and unwilling to face reality, she escapes on a girls' holiday to Key West with her best friend Marty. There, she enjoys the beauty of scuba diving and can't avoid enjoying the beauty of her instructor, Leo, too. What was supposed to be a girls holidays turns out to be a lot more and she has to face some life changing decisions. But who can complain with these views? 

10) One Hundred Proposals: Around the world 
We have finished our own tour around the world but if you have been left with the need of keep travelling then your perfect read is One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin. She takes us in a wonderful trip to the most amazing locations in the world where Harry, the perfect male lead character proposes to the lovely Suzy in a hundred different ways. To enjoy this amazing trip with them, take the Holly Martin express right now and you'll enjoy some of these views.  
                                       Read my 5* review for One Hundred Proposals here



Thanks for travelling with me, I hope you had a great time, I sure did. Do you have any favourite holidays reads yourself? 

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  1. I just finished Take A Look At Me Now & I really enjoyed it. I already had Sophie Kinsella's book in my to read list, but thanks to you I just added about 5 more! Thanks for sharing your "world tour"!

    1. Thanks Elaine! Glad you now have more fab books to read! :D

  2. Terrific post, Alba. Love this idea!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Jennifer! :D

  3. I love books set in foreign locations - especially if they conjure up the atmosphere, sounds, smells etc of the area. Victoria Hislop's The Island, made me want to visit Spinalonga. Even though it has a tragic history, I still want to go there.