My Dream Bookshop

The lovely gang at Carina UK have organised an amazing competition to celebrate Rebecca Raisin's book The Bookshop on the Corner. Together with My Independent Bookshop and, they are giving away some fantastic prizes. Here you can find what you have to do:

I also created my own independent bookshop called Alba's little bit of bookish heaven, that you can visit to have a look at some of my favourite books. 

Now, I would like to talk about how my dream bookshop would be. Books are a big part of my life and always have been. I remember when I was a kid, I used to refuse to go to sleep until my mum read me at least two or three books. In fact, at my parents place, my dad's office has a huge bookcase filled with all my  children books, I think there are hundreds of them. 

When it comes to bookshops, I love the really old ones that have that incredible book smell. Where you can get lost for hours browsing row after row of books. It always fascinates me when they have a "treasures" section, where they have first editions or really rare books. If I had money I would build myself a huge libray, yes, like the one from Beauty and the Beast, where I would collect all kind of books and show them like in a museum.
So if I had to design my own bookshop, I would definitely have a "treasures" section. I would spend hours going to second hand bookshops and browsing the Internet to find the most precious books to show there. Another must would be an area with comfy couchs and cushions where people could just sit and read for a while and escape the real world. 

I would also love to offer tea and coffee and some home baked goods, because there's nothing better than enjoying a warm cup of tea and a delicious scone or cupcake while reading. Also, I would like to organise a book club so once or twice per week we could meet to discuss our latest reads. I'd love to invite lots of authors to have signings and discussions with them. I think I am getting a bit carried away here, but it's my Dream bookshop, isn't it? 

Last but not least, I would have a huge area or even a whole floor dedicated to children books. As I said, I loved books when I was a child, even when I couldn't read them, I would spend hours looking at the pretty images. In my bookshop I would have hundreds of colourful books for the kids to read, look or just play. I would have readings and even small shows and representations so kids could discover the wonder of reading. 

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  1. Awww... you've really captured the magic of bookshops. I love that image of Beauty's library, I'd totally date a Beast to get access to a library like that.