Dead Romantic

Title: Dead Romantic
Author: Ruth Saberton
Published: October 2nd 2014 by Notting Hill Press
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Blurb: What do you do if you come face to face with a ghost? 
Put it down to a bump on the head and work stress if you’re a respected academic like Cleo Carpenter. With Christmas approaching, professional rivalry afoot and a best friend determined to interfere in her love life the strain is clearly starting to get to her. 

Guilt-stricken and deceased, Alex Thorne is desperate to make amends with his brother, Rafe, a tortured musician trapped in a spiral of destruction. When an encounter with Cleo forges a link between them she becomes his only hope. So what if the only person who can see him is a sceptic? 

As Cleo starts to doubt her sanity, the safe world she takes for granted crumbles around her. Setting out to regain control and prove once and for all ghosts don’t exist, she embarks on a journey of self discovery and surprise, learning that love really does defy science, logic and maybe even death itself…

*First of all I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Review: I love Ruth Saberton, she has fantastic ideas and her style is so fun and lively! So when she sent me her latest book, Dead Romantic, I had high expectations. Luckily, on the first chapters I was already enjoying the story and feeling all warm inside and by the end of it I was completely and truly in love with this book. This story is just magical, it captures you from page one and you are glued to its pages for hours without even realizing.

I have to say I am, like Cleo, quite sceptic, so I don't belive in life after death or ghosts but I like to get lost in magical stories, especially if they are so well thought and written like this one. After meeting the ghost of this story, Alex Thorne, I kind of wish I could meet a ghost like him. He is so lovely and so funny too, it had me in giggles all the time. And I loved how matter of factly he was with everything surrounding his kind. Two little stars were the old archeaolist and the little Egyptian kid and his cat, they added the perfect spark to the story!

And what can I say about Cloe? Or Cleopatra, as she is actually called. I have always been curious about Egypt so I found her job fascinating, plus you could tell that Ruth had done lots of research because we learn so much too. She is a great character and I instantly warmed to her. She is very career focused and very analytical and  driven but you can see that she is an old romantic at heart. And I loved her Christmas story.

Dead Romantic is a read you don't want to miss. It is a bit different from what Ruth usually writes about but it just makes it even more special. It is one of the loveliest stories I have read this year and I am sure that Alex Thorne is gonna stay with me for a long time. He is one of those characters you don't forget easily. So go get this book right now and get ready to laugh, giggle, hug your kindle and even get angry with a certain character...

Rating: Dead Romantic gets an extra little heart meaning that it has been one of my favourite books of the year so far.

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