Hobb's Cottage

This year I decided to read some spooky reads for Halloween (something I hardly ever do). After enjoying more than I expected my first read, The Boy in the Cemetery by Sebastian Gregory, I decided to go for a short story by an author I love, Ruth Saberton.

Title: Hobb's Cottage
Author: Ruth Saberton
Published: September 1st 2014 by Notting Hill Press
Blurb: When Phoebe Summers moves to an idyllic Cornish cottage, dark deeds from the past quickly begin to cast sinister shadows across the present...

Review: I really enjoyed this short story. It's only 36 pages long but packed with action and beautifully written.  Ruth connects a past where burning witches was the normal norm and the actual present perfectly thanks to a place: Hobb's Cottage, a very special place where things appear and disappear.

This story actually gave me shivers and it demonstrates Ruth's talent with words, she can achieve so many emotions in so little pages... If you are feeling like a spooky read for this halloween weekend, I highly recommend this story. And the author notes at the end are very interesting too, I would love to visit a museum of witchcraft.


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