The Judas Scar

Title: The Judas Scar
Author: Amanda Jennings
Published: May 1st 2014 by Cutting Edge Press.
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Blurb: Will and Harmony's seemingly idyllic marriage is left shattered after she loses a baby she didn't realise she wanted. While at a friend's party, she raises the subject of trying again, and Will s reaction leaves her hurt and confused.

Removing herself from the crowd, she encounters an enigmatic stranger whose advances she rejects, only to later discover that the handsome man is Will's childhood friend from boarding school, Luke.

When Will, struggling to confront the culture of bullying that marred his childhood, reveals a secret too painful for her to bear, Harmony is left caught between the husband she loves and the promises made by an obsessive stranger...

Review:  I had heart great things about this book so when I won a signed copy on Sophie's blog Reviewed the Book (check it out, it's a great blog), I was over the moon. And now that I have read it, even more. It is definitely one of the best books I have read this year. The prologue took my breath away and from that moment I was totally hooked to its pages, discovering bit by bit Will and Harmony's story.

Will and Harmony are in a difficult moment, after agreeing on not having children, Harmony fell pregnant and felt somehow complete, with a joy inside her like nothing before, so when she suffers a miscarriage, her world falls apart and Will, with still troubled by demons of the past, is not there to give her the support she needs. Now add Luke to this cocktail, charming, determined, even obsessive. He comes from Will's buried past and is not afraid of unveil it and take Will's present from him. 

Through these characters, Amanda Jennings handles serious topics like bullying and abuse in a very sensitive way but without avoiding the darkness that always surrounds them. There are some twists and revealed secrets that make you wonder where some humans have lost their humanity. One thing for sure, this book awakens strong emotions in oneself. You won't be left indifferent.

And what an ending. Once I finished, I felt numb. Like I had so many thoughts and feelings and my brain wasn't able to process them, questions kept popping into my mind and little bits of the book kept coming back to me. I am sure this book is going to stay with me for a long while. Plus, I reccommend that you read the author's notes because Amanda explains where she came up with this idea and it just reminds you that this might be a work of fiction but it's not far from the truth of this world. The Judas Scar is a must read and I can't wait to read more from Amanda.


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