Let's Hear It For The Boys - HitLitPro's Movember Anthology + £50 Experience Days Voucher Giveaway!

Let’s Hear It For The Boys - A HitLitPro Anthology

Mo Sistas, it’s time to step up . . . download it for 99p - 100% of the profits go to Movember
Perhaps one of the men close to you (brother, husband, son, friend…) joins in with the moustachioed adventure that happens every November. Around the world it’s the month that has literally changed its name, as the global organisation, Movember, leads the way in changing the face of men’s health.
This year it is time for the ladies to step up and grab the moustache baton. While we Mo Sistas may be follicly challenged about the face, we do have the power of words at our fingertips.
Let’s Hear It For The Boys is a tribute to the men of Movember. The HitLitPro authors have created these nine short stories to celebrate the men in our lives, the effect they have on our hearts, our minds (and our bodies) and the difference they can make to the world around them.
LHIFTB authors

Anthology Stories: 

Mandy Baggot – Curtain Call
What would you do with one last chance? Would you grab it with both hands? Or would you give it to someone else?
Missed opportunities, complicated relationships and new beginnings.

Sheryl Browne – A Chance Encounter
Can a chance encounter with an enigmatic stranger help Joanne forgive her husband the worst sin of all?

Emma Calin – Champions
It's a wise man who knows his own child and a wiser one still to be a father.

Rosie Dean – Modern Boys
Now, fifteen years since their first gig, Jake was getting them back together. A benefit gig for the island’s new concert hall.
It was a debacle. They all knew the notes, the tune and words, but they’d forgotten how to bind them together …

Linn B Halton – Sacrifice
She thought he was the one and he was such a perfect gentleman, so when Sean suddenly ends their relationship Ashleigh is stunned. It takes a carefully planned surveillance exercise to find out what’s going on and the answer isn’t quite what she was expecting.

Jenny Harper – Where Angels Fear To Tread
Clemmie had trusted Mark absolutely. After all, they’d been together since sixth year – almost twelve years. She knew him inside out, or thought she did …

Caroline James – A Moment in Movember
Billy watched the woman in awe; she looked as if she’d found her place in the world and was at one with her choice.

Nikki Mason – The Letter
She had been so sure that he, a mere farmhand turned Private, heading off to war, was the right man for her.

Zara Stoneley - A Bit Like Bridget Jones
'I’ve heard of speed dating but this was ridiculous. Was he ever going to hang around for a real snog?' Sophie had no idea what was going on ….
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Of all the charitable initiatives out there, Movember is one that is close to so many people’s hearts. Not only is it a matter of joining a global community and working towards a worthwhile aim together, it encompasses the new and the old in order to protect the future. The mere concept of asking men to grow moustaches – often itchy and sometimes bizarre-looking – is an unusual one, but Movember goes much further than this. The true spirit behind Movember is perfectly summed up in their 4th and 5th Rules.
(A full list of rules can be found on the Movember website: http://uk.movember.com):
Rule 4: Use the power of the moustache to create conversations about men’s health and to raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.
Rule 5: Each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

If ever there was a reason to start a worthy conversation, it is the appearance of an unexpected moustache. And to start that conversation in this manner is so effective because it frames it in a positive light, focusing on the progression towards awareness and ultimately a cure. And Rule 5 touches at the very crux of the matter, casting our minds back to a near-forgotten era of moustachioed men in tailcoats, holding doors open for ladies.

Perhaps it is through rose-tinted glasses that we look back, but it is this quality that we all hold so dear to our hearts. The men with unwavering principles; charm without arrogance; the willingness to put themselves out for others. These are the men that we admire and stand by with unwavering loyalty, and it is to these men that the Hit Lit Pro authors have dedicated Let’s Hear It For The Boys.

Each story in this anthology is a testament to these men and the stories they carry around with them, shaping them as individuals and as gentlemen. The Hit Lit Pro authors offer stories with a timeless quality that capture the essence of what makes the men in our lives so very special. Due to their nature, short stories need to hold a value that novels do not, and this anthology offers just that. It is like dipping into a box of chocolates; eager for a taste of something divine and knowing it will leave you wanting more.

As a whole, this collection offers romance, reflection and men that you can’t help but adore (moustachioed, bearded and unshaven alike). They are stories about love and the effect others have on us, for better or worse; about meeting strangers and letting them unleash something within us; about the sacrifices we make for those closest to our hearts; and about looking back on the lives we once had and recapturing a little of that vitality. Written for those of us who still believe there is something more than just “okay”.

Read this anthology all at once, or dip into it as and when your heart needs a little warming; the choice is yours.
by Elizabeth A. Wright, CandleLit Author Services
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