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Today I am very excited to welcome Agi, the fantastic blogger behind On My Bookshelf to my blog. She is going to talk about her favourite Christmas food. Have a look at the gorgeous pics. I am getting quite hungry now! Agi, all yours: 


I'm not traditional. Not at all. Never have been and probably never will be. I have never dreamt of being a bride in a white as snow gown and my biggest fear is now the upcoming wedding of my sister, with all the shenanigans, traditional dances and all the wedding games... Oh yes, of course, I'm going to go with a flow but please, do not expect me to dance with my every single uncle because it's politically correct, because that's what people expect, because that's... tradition. No way. Sorry Winnetou. Not me.

But. When it comes to Christmas, I am very traditional. The house must be absolutely clean, the windows must be sparkling, the Christmas tree must be the biggest and reddest one, Christmas decorations must be seen everywhere, the pile of presents must be bigger than to the moon and back... Call me Christmas freak, no worries, that's me.

And one of my favourite aspects of Christmas is of course food. Especially one sort of Christmas food... A sweet one... It's funny actually, because for 9 years I had no idea that these things exists. We haven't done at home, they are not traditional in the country that I come from. But then I met my future husband, move thousands kilometres away from home and after seeing and eating those magical things for the first time, during out first Christmas together, I knew that it's going to by MY tradition. Christmas cookies. In German: Pl├Ątzchen. There are millions sorts of those little bastards, and I know people who bake over 20 of them. My personal best is seven different sorts. It is at least one full weekend that you can forget in your life. You stay in the kitchen from the very morning on Saturday and ends, with aching back, legs, arms, eyes and ears too, on Sunday in the evening. Sometimes it takes longer of course, and I have already found myself getting up in the middle of the night to make the cake batter that I can put in the fridge, so that I can start to bake the first thing in the morning. It's a bloody work, believe me.

But. As soon as the cookies are ready, my Christmas can begin. And I already can't wait to make my shopping list with all the ingredients that I need to bake them. And even if I can't move a muscle after the baking marathon, it's worth it all. Especially now, when we are not alone, but we have our Sophie too. When you see the light in her eyes and those big smile on her face, and the chocolate marks around her mouth, you know that she's going to remember it forever. Me too. 

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  1. Hi Agi! I am with you on the wedding front! I agree with Chandler from Friends who wanted to spend money not on the wedding, but on the marriage :) Merry merry yummy cookies Christmas! Thank you Agi and Alba for making the holidays bright!