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Today I am very excited to welcome Lisa Dickenson, the fantastic author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas and You Had Me at Merlot to my blog. She is going to talk about what she loves most about Christmas. Lisa, all yours: 
 Lisa Dickenson

           Ahhhhhhhhh CHRISTMAS. It’s so hard for me to pick a ‘favourite’ when it comes to Christmas – be it song, film, food, gift, because I love it all. I love curling up with a stonking great tumbler of Baileys and watching It’s A Wonderful Life just as much as I love stuffing my face with Quality Street whilst staring at Home Alone. I love hearing the first tinkles of a familiar Christmas song (yes, even if it’s still November) and promptly going and listening to all 45 of them on my iPod. I love gathering Christmas lists and making Christmas lists. I love making plans with family and friends and then making them all dress up in sequins and/or awful novelty jumpers for the occasion. 

But one of my favourite things at Christmas? Chick lit. Romantic comedies. Women’s fiction.  Whatever you want to call it, it rules during the festive season. Even if you’re feeling as grumpy as Scrooge being asked for more coal for the fire, chick lit will coerce you, warm your heart and trickle that festive feeling into your soul. It’s the details that do it for me, when the lovely authors spill their Christmas recollections or imaginings onto a page in a way that ignites your own memories and makes you go, ahh, I can picture it, now I’m feeling festive too. And suddenly you’re there, in New York, looking through the golden angels to the Rockefeller Christmas tree, or you’re stamping through snow as deep as your Ugg boots in Quebec, or maybe, hopefully, you might be sipping a gingerbread latté and watching the carol singers on a chilly night at St Paul’s Cathedral, a la Claudia in The Twelve Dates of Christmas. 
You can never have too much sparkle at Christmas, and this genre pours it on you by the Santa-sack-full. So thanks all you other authors, for helping Christmas after Christmas feel like the most wonderful time of the year.
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And don't miss the fantastic The Twelve Dates of Christmas. I highly recommend this book for the holidays. It's fun, sweet and festive!
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