The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts

Title: The Snow Globe
Author: Sheila Roberts
Published: Published December 2nd 2014 by Piatkus
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Blurb: When Kiley Gray discovers an enchanting snow globe in an antique shop, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. For years, the snow globe has passed from generation to generation, somehow always landing in the hands of a person in special need of a Christmas miracle.

Kiley could use a miracle herself. This year, all she wants for Christmas is someone to love. A hopeful shake leads her on an adventure that makes a believer out of her. When Kiley shares the story of the snow globe with her best friends-two women with problems of their own-they don't believe it. But they're about to discover that at Christmastime, sometimes the impossible becomes possible and miracles really do come true.

*First of all I would like to thank the publishers for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*  

Review: I love magical Christmas stories and this one seemed like the perfect one. I really liked the idea and it started really well, with three friends that take a short trip to desconnect a bit and one of them finds a very special snow globe in an antique shop. After all she's been through she really needs a Christmas miracle and it seem that the snow globe is here to deliver one. 

I had already read some reviews saying that the novella doesn't focus only on Kiley's story, instead it tells a short story for each friend and they are all related to the snow globe. But I was a bit surprised to see that once the snow globe is passed to Suzanne and her story begins, Kiley disappears. I would have liked a bit more follow-up on her story as it was the one I liked the best. I didn't really warm to Suzanne and Alison's story was the shortest so I didn't have time to get to know her.  

All in all, this is a short simple read with a bit of magic that you can enjoy on a cold evening during the holidays. 



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  1. Mmmm...sounds like Christmas fun where your imagination can can really work in the Christmas magic of this story. Thanks, Alba and Sheila for somer holiday cheer!