Valentine's Book Love: My Top 5 Dates

To celebrate St Valentine's Day, I have joined forces with some lovely bloggers: Sky's Book Corner, A Book and Tea and Star Crossed Reviews. We have organised a day filled with guest posts, interviews, top fives of our favourite couples, dates, kisses and weddings and a lot of giveaways! Don't forget to check out their blogs to find out more!

Earlier this morning I had the lovely author Nikki Moore, who has just published the third short story, Valentine's on Primrose Hill, of her #LoveLondon Series. Read her post here!

And now, I am going to talk about my favourite dates in books. I love reading about fun dates. There's nothing wrong in going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner but when a guy goes out of his way to organise a special activity, it melts my heart. Here is my Top 5 of dates:

1) Max Brenner Chocolate Bar - Angela & Alex - I Heart New York
Alex Reid takes Angela to a chocolate bar in New York so she can try the best hot chocolate of the city. Chocolate definitely is the way to my heart so this would be my perfect date. 

2) Picking apples - Bree & Jack - Surviving the Rachel
Bree takes Jack to a very fun date, picking apples in a farm, and they have the time of their lives. Laughing and kissing between apple trees.

3) Dinner on a boat in Paris - Megan & Luc - Breaking Love
I know I said this wasn't about romantic dinners in restaurants, but imagine if a gorgeous Frenchman hired a whole boat so you could have dinner on the Seine with the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame as the only company. 

4) Mixing Cocktails - Rosie & Don - The Rosie Project
Not exactly a date but Rosie and Don have a real fun evening mixing and serving cocktails to get ADN samples. Crazy, right? Don even memorizes all the existing cocktails and starts recommending them to his customers.

5) Table Signing I Say a Little Prayer for You - Kensignton & Shane - Love Like the Movies
In Love Like the Movies, Shane is trying to win Kensington's love back by reproducing some scenes of their favourite movies. For me, when he makes the whole table sing I Say a Little Prayer for You is the best. 


These lovely bloggers and I, with the help of fantastic authors like Nikki Moore, Aven Ellis and Jennifer Joyce, have organised some fantastic giveaways for you: 

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  1. Great choices sweetie, loved Jack's and Bree's date and Angela and Alex are awesome ;) xxx