Guest Post: Samantha Napier in Bookland

Today I am very happy to welcome Samantha Napier to my blog. Samantha is the author of Dating the Alphabet, published by HarperCollins Australia and sounds like a fab read. Now, she is going to talk about her own Bookland, the place where she gets lost in their books and travel far far away. Samantha, all yours: 
Like most women everywhere I juggle many things mother, wife, job and now writer so to find time to read a book means I have to find a place where I can have some peace but also be close enough to the action to keep some control.

My giant hammock in our garden is the perfect place to sneak away and read.   Maybe because at the moment, the days are longer, the weather warmer and there is some spare time because my book is written, I find myself sneaking off more and more to the hammock to read a few chapters. 

I’m not sure where I’m going to go when the weather turns cold, maybe my family won’t notice my hammock in the middle of the lounge room!
Thank you Samantha for sharing your own Bookland with us! Who wouldn't want a hammock like that on their garden? 

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About the book: 
From Archie to Zolon, Ramona is determined to find a happy ending to her fairytale. Ramona Rawlings is going to make dating fun again. Armed with an alphabet poster, post-it notes and her best friend Emma, Ramona is going to date the alphabet - from A to Z, Archie to Zolon and everything in between. Throw in the chaos of managing a theatre restaurant with a roster full of strong personalities, unfulfilled dreams and lustful hook ups and Ramona's world is turned upside-down. In between Evan the arrogant, Ivan the emotionally stunted and Glen the racist, Ramona discovers what she really wants: to be a good friend, to emotionally connect with a man and to replace her vodka-tonics with kale smoothies. But how many frogs will she have to kiss before she finds her fairytale?

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