Sant Jordi: Books and Roses and Authors in Barcelona

The 23rd of April is a very special day, Sant Jordi. As I said yesterday, it is one of my favourite days of the year because Barcelona transforms itself into a huge outdoor bookstore. I always enjoy having a walk around the city center, browsing the books and just enjoying the fantastic atmosphere. With all the roses and the books stalls it is so colorful! 

Moreover, a lot of tv shows and radios programs are recorded live in the city so can enjoy watching them in the street. But the best part is that lots of fantastic authors filled the stalls, pen in hand, ready to sign their books and meet their fans. I had the pleasure of seeing some of my favourite local authors but also some international ones, like the lovely Anna Todd or the fantastic Ken Follett who was one of the most popular ones. 

Another highlight of the day was that I won a competition run by the Catalan publisher of Robert Galbraith and I am now the proud owner of a signed copy of The Silkworm

After all this excitement, I went for some drinks and tapas with friends and ended up the night with a two roses and cake! 

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