The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

Title: The Day We Disappeared
Author: Lucy Robinson
Published: by Penguin UK - Michael Joseph
    ebook: March 24th 2015
    paperback: April 9th 2015
    Amazon | Amazon UK

Blurb: It's springtime in London and everything is about to change for Annie Mulholland. From the moment she meets Stephen Flint, things seem too good to be true as Annie abandons her customary cautiousness for a wild love affair.

In Somerset, Kate Brady is starting a new job. Fresh air, new faces and good old fashioned hard work is just what she needs to put everything that happened in Dublin behind her.

But what are these two old friends hiding, and for how long can they run from the secrets of their past before they come crashing into their futures?

*First of all I would like to thank the publishers for sending me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Review: I knew from the moment I finished The Greatest Love Story of All Time, Lucy's debut, that Lucy Robinson was gonna be huge. But with every book, she keeps blowing me away even more and The Day We Disappeared is no exception. I think it's her best book yet and if The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me was my book of the year of 2014, I am quite sure The Day We Disappeared will be my book of the Year of 2015.

This story is about two friends who are undergoing major changes in their lives, new job, new love interest, new life style. I really liked both characters. Annie seemed fragile like a petal, hunted by her horrific past, but was actually strong and ready to fight for a better life. And I loved Kate from the first page. Lively, always smiling and with her own secrets. The book alternates their stories by chapters, and I just wanted to read it all at once, when I was reading Kate's story I missed Annie and viceversa. And then, boom! Lucy left me speechless. Really, you need to read the book to know what I am talking about but there was a twist (multiple, actually) that I didn't see coming at all and was just wow! Lucy, I take off my hat and salute you. You clever cookie.

The Day We Disappeared is a compelling and gripping tale that will capture you and won't let you go until you've devoured the story rather than read it. Lucy is one of those epic story tellers who gets in your head, her stories always remain with me and each and every one of her books has been an instant favourite.

Plus, Lucy has the ability to make you laugh and snort so easily. I loved how Kate always had the Bad Shit under control (more or less) or how Annie's group of friends was called Le Cloob (because it sounded French-ish). But this book has a dark side too. Beautifully written and handled.

I have no doubt that The Day We Disappeared will be one of the books of 2015. A true work or art that you can't miss.


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