Fabulous Night In with Lindsey Kelk, Lucy Robinson and Lucy Hollyday

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity of attending the Fabulous Night In with Lindsey Kelk, Lucy Robinson and Lucy Hollyday organised by Fabulous Magazine and Harper Collins. The event took place at the News Building, where Harper Collins has their new offices and just for the amazing view from up there, the night was already worth it. Meeting two of my favourite authors ever was just a plus... (just kidding). First, enjoy the amazing views and the wall of books (!!) they have:

Once I took pictures of all the angles of the amazing view, I took my seat, wine in hand, where there was a fab pink goodie bag with some lovely goodies (there's a pic at the end of the post). It was such a sunny day in London that at first, when the authors arrived we were a bit blinded by the sun. But soon Claire Frost, editor of Fabulous Magazine, started with the questions for the authors and the sun was forgotten. These lovely ladies were so fun and entertaining. It was a pleasure hearing them talk about their books, their writing process and so many other things. Also, it was very interesting how differently these authors plan, write and perfect their books. 

Afterwards, it was time to meet the authors and get our books signed. It was such an honour to meet Lindsey Kelk and Lucy Robinson! They are totally awesome and such talented women. And I still can't believe that I got to meet them, I will treasure my signed books forever.

Also, it was a pleasure chatting with debut author Lucy Hollyday who is releasing A Night With Audrey Hepburn next week. It certainly sounds and looks like an amazing book and I can't wait to start reading it. 

Did I tell you that they have a wall of books? There are so many books. I had a look and found Lindsey Kelk's I Heart Paris.

Afterwars, we had some time for mingling around and chatting to lovely bookish people. After talking to some lovely fellow book bloggers I spotted the amazing author, and also a favourite of mine, Holly Martin! What a wonderful surprise to meet her and chat to her. She was attending with Carina authors Annie Lyons and Karen Aldous. So I was very happy that I got to meet them and talk books.

At sunset, sadly, it was time to leave but I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go this Fabulous Event and chat to such wonderful people. A night to remember.
And I didn't leave empty handed. Here are the contents of the fab goodie bag and my signed books, ready to occupy a place of honour in my special shelf. I was very happy to see that there was a proof copy of Lucy Clarke's next book, The Blue, out this summer. 

Thank you Harper Collins and Fabulous Magazine for organising such a wonderful event and to the authors for being so lovely and funny. See you soon! 

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