Adult Colouring: Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford

Lately, I have the feeling that we have been inundated with Adult Colouring books. As they say, colouring is no longer restricted to kids, why couldn't an adult just sit happily for a couple of hours colouring? Plus, it is supposed to be calming and relaxing. 

I have to admit, before I continue, that I have always loved drawing and painting and I have never stopped. So when I first spotted these books, I knew I was going to enjoy them.

So after checking a bit the (hundreds of) books in offer, and seeing (even more hundreds of) images on twitter and instragram, I decided to go for a clear favourite: Johanna Basford. When I went to Waterstones Piccadilly, they even had her books in the middle of the store (you couldn't miss them). I really liked the drawings in The Enchanted Forest at first sight so that's the one I got. 

And I have to tell you that I am really happy with my pick. In the last couple of months my life has been really chaotic with the new job and babysitting my three baby nieces whenever I could, so I didn't have a lot of time to just sit and colour but whenever I did, it's true that I felt better afterwards. And time certainly flew while colouring!

I have also enjoyed experimenting a bit with colouring with different pens, black and white, following the rainbow... and I can't wait to keep experimenting. My next one, will probably be with water colours. 

Also, the drawings by Johanna Basford are just beautiful. They are so detailed and the more you look at them, more little details you see. I'm really fascinated. 

I think one good thing about these books is that you don't need any art knowledge, you just get some colours and create your own masterpieces however you want. Your imagination is your limit.

So what do you think about adult colouring? Have you tried it? Have you enjoyed it? I would love to hear your opinion on these books!

And if you want to get Enchanted Forest, which I highly recommend, here are the links:

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4 comentaris

  1. I love this book, I love it so much I couldn't wait on the English version I bought it in French!

    Colouring is such a great way to relax and in my case expensive as I have amassed quite a collection!

    Great review, your pictures are gorgeous!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

    1. Thanks Heather! :) It's such a fantastic book right? I also got one for my sister and another one for my mum. Soon I'll also have to get more for me as seeing some really cool ones around.

  2. I have a little one but I definitely think I'll pick up the Enchanted Forest one because it looks so beautiful! Xx

    1. It's addictive right? I still have this one to finish and checking all the new ones, some are so beautiful! xx