Book Review: All That Glitters by Vicky Pattison

Title: All That Glitters
Author: Vicky Pattison
Published: July 2nd 2015 by Sphere
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Blurb: Three years ago Issy Jones walked away from her dream because her family needed her. Today, she spends her days working in her mum's salon and her nights going out with her best friend, Molly. Life is good yet Issy can't help wishing for something more.

When Issy's dad puts her forward for a sensational new reality TV show, no one expects her to actually be selected. With her family urging her to grab the opportunity with both hands, Issy suddenly finds herself surrounded by glamour, fame and celebrities. Full of excitement, Issy embraces it all - it's what she needs to do to achieve her goals. But when the reality of what she's signed up for doesn't match the dream Issy is chasing, things begin to fall apart. Issy is so close to getting everything she ever wanted - but just how much of herself will she have to sacrifice to get it?

Bold, thrilling and romantic, Vicky Pattison's first ever novel is a rollercoaster ride full of glitz, warmth and drama. It's a must-read for fans everywhere!

First of all I would like to thank the publishers for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Review: When I first received this book to review, I have to confess that I had no idea who Vicky Pattison was, I guess her fame hasn't arrived at my country. I discovered though that she was on a reality TV show herself so I was very intrigued to find out how she handled this topic on the novel. All That Glitters tells the story of Issy Jones, a very down to earth girl who enters a reality show encouraged by her family. The show is called Can You Can It? and the contestants, apart from living together, have to compete for the title of the best hairdresser. 

I found the idea for the show really interesting, adding this competitive bit really gave the story a bonus spark as you were never sure which contestants were acting for the sake of the public and which ones were being genuinely themselves. Also, as the show gained popularity, you could see all the changes in them. Especially on Issy, you could say that the fame went to her head and she started forgetting about her family and friends and focusing a bit too much on the show and her fans. For a moment there, I wasn't sure I like her anymore. But I guess that it must be difficult to stay true to yourself when everyone starts adoring you and you cannot even go to the loo without it making to the news.

It was also very interesting to read about how the behind the scenes of the show worked and how everything was thought and planned beforehand by the crew. I guess that in every reality TV show there are a lot more staged situations than they want us to believe. 

In general, I found the story in All That Glitters very entertaining. I really enjoyed reading it and I found myself really caring for Issy and some of the contestants, as well as for Issy's best friend. I think Vicky Pattison managed to create believable characters that were well developed and interesting to read. There were some I loved hating, like a certain princess who was absolutely nuts. Plus, there were enough twists (some quite unexpected) to keep me intrigued and on my toes during the whole story. 

I am sure that fans of the author and of Reality TV shows in general will absolutely love this book. But even readers that might be quite indifferent to the topic will find themselves enjoying this lively and fun story. 


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  1. I'm not a massive TV reality show fan so haven't heard of her either. However this does sound interesting.