October Releases I Am Excited About

It's almost October! It's actually one of my favourite months because the 25th is my birthday and the 31st we celebrate an autumn festival. And the books out this month will not disappoint, here are the ones I am most excited about:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Illustrated Edition -  October 6th

Blurb: Prepare to be spellbound by Jim Kay's dazzling depiction of the wizarding world and much loved characters in this full-colour illustrated hardback edition of the nation's favourite children's book - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Brimming with rich detail and humour that perfectly complements J.K. Rowling's timeless classic, Jim Kay's glorious illustrations will captivate fans and new readers alike.

When a letter arrives for unhappy but ordinary Harry Potter, a decade-old secret is revealed to him that apparently he's the last to know. His parents were wizards, killed by a Dark Lord's curse when Harry was just a baby, and which he somehow survived. Leaving his unsympathetic aunt and uncle for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry stumbles upon a sinister mystery when he finds a three-headed dog guarding a room on the third floor. Then he hears of a missing stone with astonishing powers, which could be valuable, dangerous - or both. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Why so excited: It's Harry Potter! Illustrated! I mean, aren't you excited? Already on pre-order. 

Dream a Little Christmas Dream by Giovanna Fletcher - October 10th

Blurb: Sarah's doing great. Okay, her dreams might still be totally bananas but real life is definitely back on track. She's got a fantastic job, amazing friends and plans to spend all Christmas wrapped up with Brett, her handsome boyfriend.

But after another night of increasingly bizarre dreams, Sarah wakes to find her housemate suddenly announcing she's moving out. And later that day Brett begins to act strangely. He's clearly hiding something - but what? 

Soon Sarah can't help but wonder if she's living in a festive nightmare. Will any of her dreams come true for Christmas?

Why so excited: I absolutely loved Giovanna's latest novel, Dream a Little Dream. I can't wait to find out how Sarah and Brett are doing in this Christmas novella.

Every Time a Bell Rings by Carmel Harrington - October 15th

Blurb: An angel gets its wings…

Belle has taken all the Christmas decorations down. This year they won’t be celebrating.

As foster parents, Belle and Jim have given many children the chance of a happier start in life. They’ve loved them as if they were their own. They shouldn’t have favourites but little Lauren has touched their hearts. And now her mother is well enough to take her back and Belle can’t bear the loss.

Hence, Christmas is cancelled.

So when Jim crashes his car one icy December night, after an argument about Lauren, Belle can only blame herself. Everything she loves is lost. And Belle finds herself standing on The Ha’Penny Bridge wishing she had never been born.

But what happens to a Christmas wish when an angel is listening…

Will Belle realise, before it’s too late, that her life is the most wonderful life of all?

Why so excited: I adored Carmel's debut and this one sound beautiful and magical, perfect to get ready for Christmas. 

Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella - October 22nd

Blurb: Becky Bloomwood and a hilarious cast of beloved family and friends (plus one enemy!) set off in a van to find her missing father, last heard from in Las Vegas.

Becky’s father Graham and her best friend’s husband, Tarquin, have disappeared from Los Angeles saying simply they have “something to take care of.”

But Tarquin’s wife Suze who is Becky’s best friend, and Becky’s mother Jane, are convinced the two men are hiding something and are in danger—their imaginations run wild. They must track them down!

Hijinks ensue as husband Luke drives Becky, daughter Minnie, Jane, Suze and other favorite Kinsella characters across country from LA to Las Vegas in search of the missing men.

Becky feels deeply guilty about ignoring her father while he was in LA, in addition Becky feels her enemy Alicia is threatening her friendship with Suze.

Why so excited: Becky is back! One of my all time favourite characters is back to save the day (I hope), after the cliff hanger from the last book, I can't wait to find out what happens next.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson - October 22nd

Blurb: At thirty, Claudia's life is stale and the romance with long-term boyfriend, Seth, has disappeared. Determined to inject some festive spark back into their love life, Claudia and Seth go on their first date in a very long time. But when the night ends in disaster, Claudia suddenly finds herself facing life - and Christmas - alone.
Life alone is exciting, scary and full of soon-forgotten exercise regimes and ill-advised attempts at crafting sexy underwear. It's also filling up with dates, surprisingly. With best friends Penny and Nick at her side, a surplus of festive markets, mulled wine and Christmas tunes, Claudia attempts to face all this change with gusto. One thing's for certain: this year, Christmas is going to be very different . . .

This is the story of Claudia and her twelve dates of Christmas. Hilarious, uplifting and romantic, it's a story about losing love, finding love, and discovering what's been there all along. Expect Christmas sparkle, butterflies-in-your-stomach romance and a lot of very funny moments in The Twelve Dates of Christmas.

Why so excited: The Twelve Dates of Christmas has all you can ask for in a Christmas book. It's absolutely fantastic and I am over the moon to that it's being published as a paperback this month. One not to miss!

Well, these are my top 5 but I wanted to add that the third Cormoran Strike's novel, Career of Evil, is out on the 20th. I've only read the first one of this series written by J K Rowling, writing as Roberts Galbraith, but I'm quite sure I'll myself a copy of this one. 

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  1. Wow Harry Potter illustrated I need it. Great choices. X

    1. Thank Tanya! I've seen some of the illustrations for the book and they are amazing! :D Pre-ordered, can't wait to have it on my hands! x