A very bookish Christmas with Emma

Hi Emma and welcome to Alba in Bookland's Christmas Feature. Let's start! Favourite Christmas story from your childhood: 

I used to love sitting with my parents on Christmas eve and reciting T’was The Night Before Christmas. We always did this just before I went up to bed. It’s something that has always stuck in my mind and it’s something I do now with my god children on Christmas eve. If we can’t do it in person we ring up and do it over the phone together. It’s a great little Christmas tale and something that I hope doesn’t get lost through the generations. 

Best present for a bookworm: 

Let’s be fair the best presents ever for Bookworms are books, books and more books. But chances are you’ll pick us something we’ve already read, How about something that shows my love for my favourite books?

Here are a few items that my bookworm heart would love: 

Favourite Christmas Movie:

I can’t lie I am a romantic cheesy movie lover and the one film I will watch at Christmas every year without fail is The Holiday! I can’t help it, I just love the festive romance of it all with a big helping of comedy and Christmas cheer it’s the one film that has to be watched at Christmas. No Home Alone here I’m all about the Christmas romance.

Most Ridiculous Christmas Carol:

Not strictly a Christmas carol but I really can’t understand A Spaceman Came Travelling! I could be in the minority here but Chris De Burgh what were you thinking with this?!

Favourite Christmas Villian:

Without a doubt it has to be the Grinch right?! I have actually been called The Grinch in the past, especially by my mother who is super festive and loves all that Christmas entails!

Thank you so much Emma for stopping by and answer all my festive questions! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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