A Very Bookish Christmas with Jo

Hi Jo and welcome to Alba in Bookland's Christmas feature. Let's start with your best Christmas present from your teens 
Can't remember it was so long ago. I know we always got what we asked for at Christmas.

A Christmas Carol you know by heart (but wish you didn’t) 
I don't think I know any Christmas Carols, Christmas songs yea, there are a few. Think the Bo Selecta, proper Crimbo really annoys me but I still know the words to it.

Favourite Christmas book
It changes every year, one of my favourites is North Pole Reform School by Jamie Admans. I love that she managed to get Zombies in a Christmas book.

A Christmas book recommendation for this year 
Love both of Holly Martins Christmas books for this year, so would say those. 
The Grinch, love or hate? 
I don't hate him or love him either, find him more annoying than anything.

Thank you Jo for stopping by and answering all my festive questions. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Check out Jo's fantastic blog: Cometbabesbooks.blogspot.co.uk

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