A Very Bookish Christmas with Sophie

Hi Sophie and welcome to Alba in Bookland! Tell us, what's your best Christmas memory from your teens 

Christmas has always been the same from when I was a kid until the last couple of the years – so no real memory, just the perfect kind of day. That childish excitement for Christmas didn’t disappear when I was a teenager. Waiting impatiently for my mum and dad to get up so we could see if ‘he’d been’, coming down to stacks of pressies. Opening them all throughout the morning before putting the Christmas Top of the Pops on as my mum went to make Christmas dinner. Then spending the rest of the day eating too much and watching rubbish telly. 

A Christmas Carol you know by heart and always sing 

Well, you won’t ever hear me sing it (that would be cruel) but the Christmas carol I know off by heart is Little Donkey – I think through all those years we heard it during Christmas time at school! It’s a lovely carol though and I can’t not feel festive listening to it. 

A Christmas book you would like to see turned into a movie and possible cast 

This isn’t my favourite Christmas book by a long stretch but I would say I Will Marry George Clooney… By Christmas by Tracy Bloom would make a good festive film, with the kind of silliness perfect for Christmas movies. 

Michelle: Isla Fisher 

Josie: Bailee Madison 

George Clooney would obviously play himself. 

A Christmas new release you are very excited about 

I’m really excited to read A Christmas Tail by Cressida McLaughlin – the full paperback version of the Primrose Terrace series! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and it looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous. I also love the excitement of reading a new-to-you author for the first time so I’ll be looking forward to tucking into this book this Christmas. 

Mince Pie, yay or nay? 

I’ve never actually eaten one!

Thank you so much Sophie for stopping by and answer my festive questions! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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