Book Review: Resistance is Futile by Jenny T. Colgan

Title: Resistance Is Futile
Author: Jenny T. Colgan
Published: May 28th 2015 by Orbit
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Blurb: Connie thinks she's never met anyone quite like Luke Beith before.

She has no idea how right she is.

As a high-ranking mathematician in a male-dominated field - with bright red hair - Connie's used to being considered a little unusual.

But she's nowhere near as peculiar as Luke, who is recruited to work alongside her on a top-secret code breaking project.

Just what is this bizarre sequence they're studying? It isn't a solution to the global energy crisis. It isn't a new wavelength to sell microwave ovens. The numbers are trying to tell them something . . . and it seems only Luke knows what.

The truth is out there. Will Connie dare to find it?

Review: I love Jenny Colgan's Women Fiction books so I was really curious about Resistance is Futile, as it fits more in the science fiction category. I don't read a lot of this genre any more but I'm trying to get back into it so I thought this one would be the perfect choice. I have to admit that it started really well. Connie was a fantastic main character, really interesting to read. She is a mathematician who has just been hired to do her own research on a top university but she soon discovers she is not alone. A group of extremely talented mathematicians has also been hired and they are all supposed to interpret a mystery code.

The group consisted of very different individuals with their kirks and eccentricities, which made for some fun situations when they were working together. But soon the story started mainly focusing in one of them, apart from Connie, Luke. He doesn't seem to understand how people are supposed to behave and his naivité is astonishing. As the chapters pass, we begin to understand why he is the way he is and with every page I was less and less convinced with the story. Also, Connie and Luke seem to bond really quickly and their romance kinds of eclipses the main storyline. 

I did enjoy the book in general but it had some aspects that didn't fit for me. I think the idea behind the story is great and it has a lot of potential but there was something missing for me at the end. It could be because I didn't really like Luke as a character and I think Connie lost her spark once they were together. But I'm glad that I picked it as I'm excited again to try more books in this genre. 



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