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I'm delighted to be part of The Wedding Date Blog Tour, Jennifer Joyce's fourth book. Her second with Carina UK. Today Jennifer has stopped by to talk about weddings and wedding guests. Are you a good wedding guest? Don't worry, Jennifer has come up with some tips to turn you into an exemplary guest. Jennifer, all yours:

Weddings can be stressful – for both the bride and groom and their guests. So I’ve put together a few little reminders to ensure you – and the happy couple – enjoy the big day.


Check your diary (and note down the new entry if you can make it) and let the bride and groom know whether you’re able to attend their wedding or not. Acting promptly is good for both sides – it not only allows you to organise childcare or time off work if needed, it also helps out the happy couple – who are probably up to their eyeballs in wedding prep – as it will mean they don’t have to chase up their guests for a response.

Get To The Church On Time

Turning up late may be the fashionable thing to do, but not when it comes to a wedding. You don’t want to stumble into the church/register office mid-vow because you forgot to set your alarm clock. All eyes should be on the bride as she makes an entrance, not on you (even if you paid a small fortune on your outfit and want to show it off).


Patience Is A Virtue – Even When You’re Hungry

If you’re attending both the ceremony and the reception afterwards, weddings can be a long, drawn-out affair and you don’t always have the chance to eat in between so that buffet can look very tempting as you make small-talk with distant relatives or members of the bride or groom’s family. But be patient. Little children can get away with having a sneaky lift of the cling film and slipping crisps from bowls – grown-ups can’t. Unfortunately.
All You Can Drink

If there’s an open bar, don’t rub your hands in glee and take full advantage. An open bar doesn’t equal all you can drink. Don’t be that guest who gets hammered and has to be shoved in a taxi before they puke on their own shoes – or worse, the bride’s.


And finally…

Remember to have fun! This is a day of celebration, a day of love and romance and new chapters. The bride and groom have put a lot of effort into organising this day not just for themselves but for their guests. They want you to have a good time so get on that dance floor and have a boogie to wedding party classics. Catch up with family and friends you may not have seen since the last wedding you both attended, toast the bride and groom and finally tuck into that buffet.


Thank you Jennifer for stopping by and sharing these useful tips. I'll have to keep them in mind for my next wedding.

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