Bookish Recipe: Chai Tea Brownies

Welcome to Bookish Recipes, a feature on the blog where I cook or bake a recipe from a book I have loved and share the result with you. This week's recipe is inspired by the book Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin. A real tale of friendship, love and family, Summer at Rose Island is such a fun read, it had me giggling non-stop during the whole book, but it is also such a deliciously sweet love story too.

In the story, Darcy bakes some brownies for Riley and he finds them really good. It turns out that Darcy uses the recipe of her aunt with a secret ingredient: Tea. As soon as I read this, I wanted to try it! So I took my favourite brownie recipe and added 1 tablespoon of my favourite tea, Chai. The result was really tasty and I could totally taste the tea. 

- 75 g butter
- 150 g dark chocolate
- 130 g sugar
- 2 eggs
- 65 g flour
- 1 tbsp tea

1) Preheat oven to 180ยบ C. Cut the chocolate and melt it with the butter. 
2) Once it's melted, add the sugar and the eggs and mix. And then add the flour and the tea.

3) Bake for around 35 minutes and done! Tip: I actually could taste the tea better once the brownie had cooled, so have a little patience!

About the book: 

Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin 
Series: White Cliff Bay #3 
Also in this series: Christmas at Lilac Cottage, Snowflakes on Silver Cove 
Published: May 13th 2016 by Bookouture
Pages: 288 

Blurb: Fall in love with the gorgeous seaside town of White Cliff Bay this summer and enjoy long sunny days, beautiful beaches and… a little romance. 

Darcy Davenport is ready for a fresh start. Determined to leave a string of disastrous jobs and relationships behind her, she can’t wait to explore White Cliff Bay and meet the locals. 

When Darcy swims in the crystal clear waters of the bay, she discovers the charming Rose Island Lighthouse. But it’s not just the beautiful building that she finds so intriguing… 

Riley Eddison doesn’t want change. Desperate to escape the memories of his past, he lives a life of solitude in the lighthouse. Yet he can’t help but notice the gorgeous woman who swims out to his island one day. 

Darcy is drawn to the mysterious and sexy Riley, but when it seems the town is trying to demolish his home, she soon finds herself having to pick sides. 

She’s fallen in love with White Cliff Bay. But is that all Darcy’s fallen for?

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  1. I love this feature and these brownies look delicious! :)


    1. Thanks! I always have fun trying new recipes from the book I read! Alba :)

  2. Yum! It's good to experiment :)


    1. Indeed! Especially if there's chocolate involved! ;) x

  3. that's an easy recipe :)

    1. Yep, easy and yummy! What else can you ask for? Alba :)