Discovering Bavaria: a Day in Regensburg

Husband and I moved to Munich in January and since then we've been slowly exploring this city and the area around it. We've been to little medieval towns with a lot of charm, to beautiful lakes, to beer festivals and to huge markets and flea markets. So I've decided to share our little adventures with you all.

Regensburg is a Bavarian city on the Danube River one hour north of Munich. It is known for its well-preserved medieval old town and for its Stone Bridge, dating from the 12th century. When we visited it though the bridge was undergoing repairs so we couldn't really see it but do not worry. The city has much else to offer. 

When we got there, we decided to take a boat trip around on the Danube to get a feel of the town. The trip took 45 minutes and we were told many historical facts about this town. They are really proud to have the oldest sausage kitchen of the country (Historische Wurstkuche), which has been selling its traditional sausages for over 500 years! 

As you can see, this little building has barely changed since Medieval times and it's quite popular among both tourists and locals. The tour continued down the Danube and we enjoyed the beautiful views while enjoying a local beer too. 

After the boat trip, we just strolled around the town centre, with the imposing 13th century cathedral at its core. I really enjoyed getting lost in the well conserved medieval streets and checking out the tiny shops, offering all kinds of goods. 


For lunch as it was a bit late for German standards (15h), we decided to go a brewery and we were almost the only ones there. The staff were lovely and helpful and we had some traditional Bavarian food, which was delicious with huge portions. I really liked the vibe of the place and soon locals started to arrive for a beer and a game of cards. A really nice atmosphere. 

Once our bellies were full. We had another stroll around and decided to go up the tower of the main church. The way up was a bit challenging, as you had to actually cross the bells room to the to the balcony on top (something that medieval constructors didn't really foresee, so you had to squeeze a bit between the bells). But the views from the top were worth it. 


Afterwards, we we the the city park where there was a fun fair with lots of delicious food stalls but we were too full to enjoy any. All in all, a fantastic day in Regensburg. I'm sure we'll be back soon. Especially as we didn't get to taste its famous medieval sausages! 

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  1. What a beautiful country you live in. Thank you for sharing your pictures with your readers.

    1. Thanks Melissa for stopping by! I'm certainly loving discovering this beautiful country. I can't wait to share more pics with you! Alba :)