Discovering Germany: a Day in Ulm

Husband and I moved to Munich in January and since then we've been slowly exploring this city and the area around it. We've been to little medieval towns with a lot of charm, to beautiful lakes, to beer festivals and to huge markets and flea markets. So I've decided to share our little adventures with you all.

Things to do in Ulm, Germany

Ulm is a small town situated on the River Danube. It belongs to the state of Baden-Württemberg and it took a bit more than one hour and a half to get there from Munich. Apparently, Ulm is known for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world (161.53 m or 529.95 ft) and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein. 

We actually didn't know these facts before visiting so when we arrived, we decided to climb to the top of the cathedral (Ulmer Münster) to see the views and get an idea how the town was arranged. We started going up the stairs... and going up... and up... and up... I kid you not, there are 768 steps to get to the top. I repeat, 768. Have you ever climbed 768 steps (as in really high and steep Medieval steps)? I wanted to give up several times but we did manage to get to the top at the end. Yay! And the views were impressing, I even felt a bit dizzy up there as there was not much room. 


We then went for a brunch. Our friends had heard of a place where they had countless options for breakfast and other delicious treats so we tried this one. It's called Café Einstein (then is when we started to realise Einstein was important for these people, so we checked and he was born there even if he only lived there a few years). Anyway, I went for the Vegan breakfast because it had lots of fruits and I was very happy with my choice. Included were also a Pretzel and a croissant and it was yummy yummy! 

The oldest part of Ulm is called the Fishermen's Quarter, once home to skilled craftsmen, it is now a lovingly restored quarter with many restaurants, galleries and small shops. And if you would like to see what is listed in the “Guinness Book of Records” as the “Most Crooked Hotel in the World”, it is also there. I really liked the little canals with its cute houses. 


Afterwards, we had a stroll along the Danube, where you can find a beautiful rose garden and ended up in a café for a few hot drinks. All in all, a fantastic day discovering this little Medieval town. It was full of surprises and we even did some exercise, what else can you ask for? 

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