Christmas Fun Time with Bookish Realm

This year I've invited several authors and book bloggers for a fun Christmas Interview. My next guest is blogger Ashley, from Bookish Realm.

What's the most disappointing present you've ever had? 
Okay so this is the complete truth. Last year my mom bought me a box of tampons for Christmas. She actually wrapped them up and put them under the Christmas tree. And when I unwrapped them I had no idea what to say except "thank you mom. I definitely will be using these soon." It probably was the most awkward moment of my life. 

Would you rather spend Christmas on a turquoise water beach with a cocktail in your hand or in the Polar circle surrounded by husky puppies? 
Polar Circle surrounded by husky puppies because it's always hot in my city and I actually love the cold and snow. I actually haven't seen snow in ages so it would be a nice change. 

Is there a movie or a book you always revisit during the holidays? 
Book: Harry Potter series. I mean Christmas and Harry Potter just seem to go together. And as far as movies go I have to watch Love Actually every year around the holiday season. 

What's your ultimate comfort food for Christmas? 
Pecans and peppermints. Yes together as one haha. It's a family tradition and it's freaking amazing. 

The Grinch, love or hate? 
Absolutely love! 

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