Book Review: Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

As a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I was really excited to read Lauren Graham's memoir. And I'm happy to say that it did not disappoint at all. Here is what I thought of it:

Title: Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between
Author: Lauren Graham
Published: December 6th 2016 by Virago

Blurb: In her first work of nonfiction, the beloved star of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood recounts her experiences on Gilmore Girls—the first and second time—and shares stories about life, love, and working in Hollywood. This collection of essays is written in the intimate, hilarious, and down-to earth voice that made her novel, Someday Someday Maybe, a New York Times bestseller.

“This book contains some stories from my life: the awkward growing up years, the confusing dating years, the fulfilling working years, and what it was like to be asked to play one of my favorite characters again. You probably think I’m talking about my incredible achievement as Dolly in Hello, Dolly! as a Langley High School junior, a performance my dad called “you’re so much taller than the other kids.” But no! I’m talking about Lorelai Gilmore, who, back in 2008, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see again. Also included: tales of living on a houseboat, meeting guys at awards shows, and that time I was asked to be a butt model. A hint: all three made me seasick.”—Lauren Graham

Review: Lauren Graham will always be Lorelai Gilmore for me. And reading this book only reinforces this image in my head. The real Lauren Graham is so much fun! I had seen her in a couple of interviews, but I never got around to see Fatherhood, her other big show, this though didn't stop me enjoying this book immensely. Lauren starts talking about her life way before she landed the role of her life as Lorelai. And I found those first chapters really interesting. She has a special way to make you part of the story, with constant ironic comments and direct interactions with the reader.

Her chapters are also accompanied by photos of the time she is talking about and this helped me a lot to connect with her. After getting to know the young Lauren, we get to the chapter where she talks about the first 7 series of Gilmore Girls. I absolutely loved this part. I remember first watching them, when they came out and loving everything. As I have grown up, and have rewatched them all a couple of times, I have started to also point out things that might seem weird now, like their clothes or the fact they did not have mobile phones. So reading Lauren also pointing these things out was a really fun experience.

There's another chapter later in the book dedicated to the revival they aired this past year and I found this chapter fascinating. How she wanted absolutely everyone in her close circle to make a guest appearance or how she instantly connected with Alexis (Rory) again after all these years. And how could she not know about the 4 words? Lauren, seriously, in which planet do you live in? If you love Gilmore Girls, this is a book you cannot miss at all. There are so many little details she reveals!

But the book is not only about Gilmore Girls. Lauren, as I said, is a very fun narrator and as she tells us about her struggles to find a boyfriend, her struggles to become an actor and her struggles to actually believe she had finally become actor (yes, she has struggled a lot during her life), you become totally observed in her story. I found especially hilarious the chapter in which she talks about how she ended up being a judge for Project Runaway. She is definitely too nice for reality TV.

Talking As Fast As I Can is a really fun book and quite a quick read (it flew by for me, I had so much fun). Definitely a must read for any Gilmore Girls fan, but also recommended for anyone in need of a good laugh.

Rating: 5 stars

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