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Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for Meet Me at Wisteria Cottage by HarperImpulse author Teresa F. Morgan. This story is out this Thursday and to celebrate it, Teresa has stopped by to talk about Location:

Location, Location, Location
by Teresa F. Morgan

I’ve been asked if my books are a series and I’ve answered that they are stand alone novels. However, while writing Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage I found a way to link them. I’ve featured the same areas, hence putting them into the same ‘universe’. This idea was inspired by Sue Moorcroft, one of my favourite authors, who writes most of her novels in her made up area of Middledip. 

So how did I do it? 

Plus One is a Lucky Number was set in Cornwall, in a town I made up, called Tinners Bay. It’s based on the seaside town I holidayed frequently at; Polzeath. I used Surrey as the other location, as it’s where I was born and grew up – and this made Cornwall quite a trek, as most Londoners are aware. Thomas Robotics was based on the first company I worked for in Chertsey. I worked in Production Control, and would have to take the parts to the engineers on the shop floor to build the robotics. The ‘oilies’. 

Virginia Water in Surrey is incredibly posh, housing a lot of ‘rich and famous’– it was the perfect location to set Adam’s house.

One Fine Day needed to be a busier location than Cornwall. I wanted a city environment, so I chose Bristol. Also I believed Steve would be able to hide in a city like Bristol, unlike London, where celebrities are spotted frequently. Bristol was ideal as it’s close to me, enabling me to use my own memory or allowed me to research parts I didn’t know so well easily. A friend and I took a nice lunch around Clifton one afternoon. I took this inspiration from the first Jill Mansell book I ever read (Good At Games) which was based in Bristol. I thought, if Jill could use where she lived, so could I!

So, when it came to Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage, I wanted to link it with the other two books. I decided to revisit Tinners Bay, providing it in even more detail which linked it to my first novel. Then, by Maddy’s parents living in Clifton, Bristol, there was a small link to One Fine Day. Even some characters from Plus One is a Lucky Number feature in my third novel. I’ll let you work out who they are.

About the book: 

Title: Meet Me at Wisteria Cottage
Author: Teresa F. Morgan
Published: April 20th 2017 by HarperImpulse

Blurb: A Cornish Escape

After her house is set on fire and her love life is left in tatters, Maddy Hart can’t believe her luck when a friend offers her the temporary haven of Wisteria Cottage. Overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the Cornish coast, the fresh air feels like a fresh start for her and her broken heart.

Peeking out of the cosy cottage windows, Maddy’s surprised to see her gorgeous but insufferable neighbour Harry Tudor has been employed to landscape the garden. But as the wisteria winding its way around the cottage begins to bloom, an unlikely friendship starts to blossom…

About the Author

Teresa F Morgan lives in sunny Weston-super-Mare, trying to hold onto her Surrey accent where she originates from.

For years she persevered with boring jobs, until her two boys (and a budgie called Rio) joined her nest. In an attempt to find something to work around them, and to ensure she never endured full time boredom again, Teresa found writing.

Family holidays in Cornwall have lead to the scenic Cornish coastline and the city of Bristol being the back drop for Teresa’s novels.

She’s at her happiest baking cakes, putting proper home cooked dinners on the table (whether the kids eat them or not), reading a good romance, or sitting at her PC emptying her thoughts onto the screen. 

Teresa loves writing contemporary romance, stories with a touch of escapism and creating heroes readers will fall in love with.

Twitter: @Teresa_Morgan10

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