Book Review: My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

Today I'm reviewing Sophie Kinsella's latest stand-alone novel, My Not So Perfect Life. Sophie Kinsella is one of my all time favourite authors so every time she releases a new book, the excitement is too much. Here's what I thought of this one: 

Title: My Not So Perfect Life
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Published: February 9th 2017 by Batham Press

Blurb: Caz Brenner is living the dream – she has a flat in London, a job in creative branding, and her Instagram feed is full of all the amazing things London has to offer: delicious food and beautiful sights and lots of fun. Ok, so the crappy truth is that she rents a tiny room in Catford with no space for a wardrobe, spends most of her days engaged in tedious admin on the other side of the city, and posts photos of food she could never ever afford to eat. But it’s all just about worth it.

Until her bright and shiny life comes crashing down: her demanding boss Demeter gives her sack, and with no means to live in London any more, Caz has to move home to Somerset. Now she’s plain old Katie Brenner again, helping out her dad and her stepmum as they attempt to launch a glamping business on their farm. (They think she’s on sabbatical from her job, and she can’t quite bear to tell them the truth…)

With Katie’s creative branding experience, the glamping is soon a big success. So much so that Demeter and her family book in on holiday - and Katie sees her chance to get revenge on the woman who ruined her dream. So long as Demeter doesn’t see beyond her disguise and give the game away to her parents, of course.

It’s time to see who’s the boss…

Review: I love Sophie Kinsella. She is probably the reason why I read so much these days. I discovered her books about ten years ago and since then, I have read everything she has ever written. Plus, the first book I ever reviewed was one of hers, so as you can imagine, every time she releases a new book, my expectations are always high. Especially when she releases a brand new story with new characters. Is it gonna be as good as the others? The answer is yes. 

My Not So Perfect Life is such a fun, warm and entertaining read with everything I love in a story, relatable and lovable characters, a bit of love and lots of laughs. Our main character, Caz, pretends to have the perfect life in London, a life she has always dreamed about and she makes sure to let everyone know how much fun she is having. The truth couldn't be more different though, her life is falling apart so when she gets fired, she ends up living back home with her dad and stepmum.

It's then when we get to know the real Caz and really fall in love with her. I loved following her new adventure, a glamping site at her dad's place, and discovering what she really was capable of and what a brave and smart girl she really was. But Caz is not the only surprise in the story, her boss is not that different from her. Demeter's own life is on the brick of falling apart too. I found the relationship between these two women really interesting, and when Caz was determined to get her revenge on her, it was just hilarious. 

Let's not forget about the love story, it doesn't take centre stage in the book but it complements it perfectly, adding the perfect sweet touches and letting us see yet another side of Caz. 

My Not So Perfect Life has the same fresh and fun touch that Sophie Kinsella has us accustomed to but it also a heart-lifting and inspiring story about believing in yourself and fighting for what you deserve. A joy to read, nothing I didn't love about it!

Rating: 5 stars

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