Can you keep a secret?

I am addicted to Chick-lit. There, I've sait it. I've admitted it!

I think that's the first step to recovery. But now that I think about it... I don't want to recover!

I love Chick-lit. There's nothing better than a rainy Sunday afternoon, a sofa, some tea and a funny lovely cheesy (nothing wrong with a bit of cheesy, don't you think?) novel.

But now that you know my secret, don't be suprised with the way these novels seem to affect in my own life (I'll get to that soon, don't worry).

Today I just wanted to start this blog with my teeny tiny secret and also with the reason I started to read (I think a better way to describe it is devour...) all these novels: the first Chick-lit novel I ever read!

It was some years ago, in 2008 and I was 19 years old. I was a Harry Potter and Star Wars addict before (I am still, don't worry, I can multitask) so that took most of my time. Anyway, it was Saint George Day (also known as the Book Day in my hometown, Barcelona) so I needed a new book and its beatiful shiny cover caught my attention:

Gourgeous, isn't it? 

Well, if you are new to the genre or you are a big fan, you just have to read it! Sophie Kinsella's humour is just hilarious and she has the gift to create smart heroines who get involved in ridiculously stupid situations but manage to find the happy end we are all looking for! 

Emma Corrigan and her little secrets are one of my favourite ones, although I am not sure if she is in my top 5 (I'll share it with you some day soon). She is quite insecure and smarter than she thinks but when she spills all her secrets to a stranger (who happens to be his boss, oops) her life is condemned to disaster, or is it really? She will learn a lot about herself and what she really wants!

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  1. This is one of my favourites too! Kinsella's best.