I Heart New York

In my second entry I would like to talk about a series I love. I discovered it a couple of years ago and when I did there were already 4 books published! So imagine me and 4 amazing, funny and witty books... I went a bit crazy, yep... I read them all (twice) in a couple of weeks and loved every bit of them.

I am talking about the "I Heart" series by Lindsey Kelk. There are now already 6 books:

I Heart New York
I Heart Hollywood
I Heart Paris
I Heart Vegas
I Heart London
I Heart Christmas

But today I want to talk about the first one: Angela Clark discovers her boyfriend cheating, in their car, the day of her best friend's wedding (classy, right?) and decides to flee her home country, UK, and her life to start a new adventure in NYC. She is extremely lucky to land in Jenny Lopez's hotel. This self-confident Amazon with legs to die for gives Angela not only a makeover and a tour of the city but also her friendships and some tips for dating. After meeting some guys and writing it all in her new blog (quite successful), she realizes she has fallen in love... with the city. What is she going to do? Stay and fight for her new life or be brave enough to go back home and confront her old life?

What I loved about this book was that I wanted to be Angela! I mean, my life is not that crap, I don't have a cheating boyfriend... but who wouldn't leave it all for New York? When I read it, I hadn't been to the city but after all the movies and series filmed there, I felt like I knew everyplace that Angela visited. The story caught me since the beginning and at the end Angela already felt like one of my dearest friends.

So imagine, after 6 books I feel like Angela is part of my family! Lindsey Kelk is a fantastic writer, she captures the readers in her beautifully written stories and some parts are just hilarious! I laughed so hard I even cried! An other day I will talk about the other books, specially the London one because after the first one it is my second favourite!

My experience in NYC

Finally, I would like to talk about my month in NYC. As I said, I became a little obsessed with the series and usually fantasied with leaving everything and moving to New York. So imagine my surprised when I got offered a summer job in NY last year! I was so excited I think a smile was plastered in my face for weeks. Basicly, I had to take a group of 15 Spanish students to NY so they could have English lessons in a school in Brooklyn. I had done this job before but always in the UK or Ireland so it was my first time in the USA.

I obviously watched all the movies filmed in NY that I knew, from Breakfast at Tiffany's or Sleepless in Seatle to The Devil Wears Prada or Spiderman and I reread I Heart New York just to get in the mood. I could imagine myself wandering around the big apple meeting cute  boys (or Spiderman's nemessis) in every corner.

To make a long story short I did meet boys (not all of them cute). My highlights were a twenty-year-old Californian guy who declared in our first interaction he wasn't into girlfriends (nice chatting up line), an Italian guy, 28, who could have been my perfect gay friend, except for the fact that he already had a girlfriend, and a Brooklyn guy, 32, who introduced me to his father the first day and to his mother and sister the third day.

I have to admit though that I did fall in love... with the city, just like Angela ;) I can't wait to come back and maybe, some day, moving there. By now, I'm quite happy in Barcelona. Here, my favourite spot in NY, the Brooklyn Promenade:

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