I received this copy from Jill Knapp-Zitron in exchange for my honest review. So here it goes!

Amalia appears to have everything she ever wanted: a great appartment in the Greenwich Village, good friends, a perfect boyfriend and even a wonderful trip to Brazil all lined up. But when her boyfriend decides to dump her for no apparent reason she realises life wasn't so perfect as she had thought. Her roommates are kind of annoying, her best friend is going out with a douchebag and doesn't want to see it, her other friends seem to have their own problems and secrets, uni is not as interesting as she expected and she finds herself drawn to her gourgeous and intelligent friend Michael (who happens to have a girlfriend and no clear intentions about their relationship).

So what is the young Amalia going to do? Be a grown-up, make her own decisions and face life or sleep, cry and let Michael use her for sex?

We all feel kind of lost at this age (early twenties): after graduating, what do you do, a master's degree or look for a (probably unpaid) job? What if you start something and then hate it? After being in a relationship for a long time, who are you by yourself? At this age you need to discover who you really are and what you want to do for your life. For some people is quite easy but for others, like Amalia, it takes a while.

What I liked about this book is that it expresses really well how difficult this process of discovering oneself can be, specially when you are used to be part of a couple and your self-steem is not where it should be. Moreover, it is fun to read and it happens in New York (what's there not to love?). 

What I didn't like about this book is that it is not always clear why some things happen. For example, why Nick dumps Amalia or why her family feels so detached to her. It would have been nice to have more background and insight in Amalia's life and family to understand her better. 

And remember, this is the first book of a series so don't expect a happy-ever-after kind of ending. There's more to come! I want to conclude saying that, in my opionion, it is a good book but not a great book. So don't expect to be blown away!

Finally, my favourite bit of the book was the ride on the tramway to Roosvelt Island because first, I can imagine perfectly Cassandra freaking out because of the heights and second, it's one of my favourite spots to admire Manhattan. Here two of my own pictures: 

The Tramway ride

Views of Manhattan from Roosvelt Island

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