Today I would like to talk about the book "Connectivity" by the lovely Aven Ellis. I actually won this book on a giveaway from Isabell's nice blog Dreaming with open eyes. I had read really nice reviews of this book and I really wanted to read because it sounded like a good fun to read it. So I was very happy! Here is the cover:

Connectivy is a social media site that connects everything is one place: your career networking and portfolio, a place for family and friend updating, photo sharing, video calling, quick connect messages with your status. This social media empire is run by William Cumberland a British media mogul who has no interest in relationships. 

Mary-Kate Grant has a dream: working in TV programming and nothing (and no one) is going to stand on her way, not even an arrogant to die for British who just bought the company she is working for. But she gets to know him, she starts to questions everything she has ever wanted. If she lets him in, is she going to become her sister? Whose only aspiration in life is having the perfect wedding? 

My opinion

Since the beginning, I could see that William and MK were perfect for each other, both so focused and talented. But I wanted to find out if they were ready to make choices and take risks. "Connectivity" is a lovely story about two people who think that they have everything figured out and have no time or interest in a love life but somehow find each other and start wondering what if... 

Aven Ellis' writting is very enjoyable and rich and you just want to keep reading to know more about these two. It is a really good fun to read and it is difficult to put down. Moreover, there are a lot of lovely scenes that you can picture perfectly, some of my favourite bits are their Valentine's dinner (so much flirting!) or their trip to London (specially their last night). And the end is perfect... although William had me worried for a bit!

This is the debut novel of Aven Ellis but if you can't wait for more from her (just like me), don't worry there's more to come, very soon. We already know that her next novel is going to be called "Waiting for Prince Harry". I will let you know how I like it but it sounds very interesting! Here is the cover:

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