From Notting Hill to New York... Actually

First of all, today is World Book Day, so I hope you all are having a really nice day and reading a lot! 

So in this special day I would like to talk about one of my favourite authors: Ali McNamara. I discovered her some months ago and since I read her debut novel "From Notting Hill with Love... Actually" I fell in love with her writting and her books. Here is my review of her first book: 

And given that this fantastic book has a sequel and I promised that I would talk about it soon. What a better day than today! Here is the cover:

So do you remember Scarlett? The movie obsessed girl who managed to live her own romantic movie thanks to gorgeous Sean? Yes? Ok, so she was sure life with him wouldn't be boring... but as reality hits her, she realises that real life couldn't be more different from the movies: Sean is constantly away and she feels quite alone. So when the opportunity arises to go to New York with Oscar, her new best friend, she doesn't hesisate for a minute and grabs it, ready for the holiday of a life time. 

In New York, Scarlett and Oscar start living some fascinating and hilarious adventures and they meet some really interesting people. Scarlett, with her charisma, manages to meet some celebrities (yes, really hot guys) and a cute reporter called Jamie who kind of gets her better than anyone else... How can she feel this way with him when she is in love with Sean?

But during their trip, Scarlett not only goes to parties, meets cool people and enjoys the city, she also starts to feel the need to help others. She has a brilliant idea that is going to change her future and probably her whole life (love life included) but is she ready to make it real? It does have a lot of potencial! Are you eager to learn more? Go and read this book (and if you haven't read the first one, then read both!) because it is an amazing book!

My opinion

This book has everything you could want from a story. Ali's writting is fresh and addictive and in this book she talks about some serious topics delicately and reach you with her message. Moreover, she hasn't forgotten about the big romantic comedies. In this book you can find scenes very connected to Breakfast at Tiffany, You've got Mail, When Harry met Sally... and more! And if the end of the first book was perfect, the end of the second one is so special! It certainly leaves you with a warm feeling and a big smile in your face. Moreover there is a cameo from a certain gorgeous actor (who just made the most famous selfie ever).

In conclusion, Ali writes a delightful and humourous story about a girl who is trying to find her spot in the world in one of the most magic cities... New York, so to finish this post some more pictures of this amazing city:

Scarlett lives a very special moment in the Brooklyn Bridge!

And here is my favourite view of New York: a sunset in Manhattan!

Enjoy this World Book Day with a great book and live some special adventures from wherever you are!

Alba F.

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