Johnny's Girl

Today it is the turn of Johny's Girl, the third book of the Johnny Be Good series by Paige Toon. Actually it is a short story that serves as link from the two previous chick lit book to the new young adult book that Paige Toon published a couple of months ago. Here is the cover: 

The book continues with the story of Meg and Johnny, who after all the drama they went through in the first two books are finally together. Their first son, Barney, is four and their second son, Phoenix is eight months old. They live in England and Johnny no longer drinks nor smokes. So we could say that Meg is the one who finally changed him.

She seems quite content with their life, although she doesn't like that he has to travel so much. But Johnny misses the US, specially his old house in LA. And when it becomes available again he convinces Meg to go back there and live in LA permanently. Is Meg ready to forget all the bad memories and create new happy one in that place? But they don't expect what life has in store for them, a piece of news that is going to change their life forever.

My opinion

As I said yesterday on my review, Baby Be Mine had the perfect ending for the story: their happy ever after. So I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading more because there were gonna be problems for sure. But the truth is that this short story is the perfect introduction for the YA novel The Accidental Life of Jessy Jefferson, Paige Toon's lastest book. We learn more about the life of Meg and Johnny as a couple and it is quite impresive to see the new Johnny (if we loved him as the bad boy, now that he has become the perfect father, we are crazy about him!). Moreover, it is fun to keep reading about the minor roles, like Kitty.

So after having read this short story, we are able to understand where Meg and Johnny stand before the new addition to their family. And after the end of this book, you just want to find out more about what is going to happen! If you are planning to read The Accidental Life of Jessy Jefferson (which I am going to review tomorrow) and you haven't read the Johnny Be Good series, it's a good idea to read at least this short story because Paige Toon perfectly explains everything that has happened from Meg's point of view. 


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