Baby Be Mine

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Baby Be Mine

And now, as I said yesterday, last weekend I read my first book by Paige Toon, Johnny Be Good, and I totally fell in lover with her and her style and I was so hooked with the story of Johnny, Meg and Christian that as soon as I finished Johnny Be Good, I started reading Baby Be Mine, the second book of the series. I have to admit that I don't know how people who read the first one when it was first published were able to wait three whole years before the second came out! Crazy!

At the end of Johnny Be Good, we learned that Meg was pregnant. She was in a normal quiet relationship with Christian and was happy living with him in London, but then Johnny came back for her and asked her to choose him and go back to LA with him. Although she wasn't sure that she could trust him again, they spent the night together...

Baby Be Mine starts with the baby, Barney, turning one. The first thing we know is that he looks just like his dad, Johnny, but that Meg, not being sure who the real dad (until it became obvious with the baby having blond hair and green eyes), decided to stay with Christian for the well-being of the baby. They live in the south of France and live quite happily except for the fact that Meg is living a lie, she is haunted by the day that Christian realises that Barney looks just like his dad, Johnny.

She hasn't seen Johnny since that night in London, two years ago. So when Christian's mum dies suddenly and Johnny appears at the funeral, she is really shocked. First, he doesn't want anything to do with her because he is still angry. But then they start to talk and somehow, the chemistry is still there. But then, boom! He sees a photo of Barney and he knows. Finally, the day Meg feared the most has arrived. She has to tell Christian the truth and although he tries to get over it and continue with them, it is too much for him and he leaves.

Johnny wants to get to know his son so they start seeing each other again. They obviously still have feelings for each other but he is still an addict and moreover he is in a serious realtionship with an addict singer. Everything seems to be against Meg and Johnny but is their love enough to overcome everything? Can they find their happy ending after all they have gone through?

My opinion

If Johnny Be Good was a total page-turner and had me completely hooked, I really don't know how to describe Baby Be Mine. I just wanted to keep reading to learn more and more about the characters and the story. I totally loved the book, it was perfectly written and every page I felt like I was becoming part of their family too.  

This is a total must-read. It is so funny, emotional and romantic! And the ending is just perfect! What we all wanted. But it was not the real end, there is more! The next book of the series is Johnny's Girl, which I obviously started reading as soon as I finished Baby Be Mine. Although I wasn't sure what to expect after this perfect ending... I'll tell you tomorrow what I thought about it! 


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