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If you love contemporary fiction with humour and heart, then meet
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An author who will make you laugh as you fall in love with her wonderful stories!
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Hit Lit Pro is proud to be supporting and promoting ten fabulous authors whose novels are creating quite a stir! Throughout the next year we will be bringing you all the latest information and news about their books.
What does Janice write about? Look out for Janice's Amazon Kindle bestselling books 'Bagpipes and Bullshot' and 'Reaching for the Stars' and her Voodoo Romance series of novellas. Her nonfiction guide to online promotion 'How To Party Online' is recommended reading for all authors and writers by publishers. Janice is also an associate editor at the award-winning online magazine Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine at
Janice Horton Author 575KbJanice says: “I’m thrilled to be involved with Hit Lit Pro and to be associated with such fabulous authors, book bloggers and readers. Especially so, as this is a very special year for me – it is my tenth year working as a writer and by happy coincidence I’m also working on my tenth title!
My first book was published traditionally in June 2004. It took me four years to write it as I could only find the time once my three young boys were in bed and by then I was usually quite exhausted. I write because I love stories. To me they are a shining light, a portal into another world and into another person’s shoes. I love books. I love physical books and I also love them stored on my Kindle as I travel a lot.
Readers sometimes ask me where I get my ideas from and I confess to having an over-active imagination. I’m forever witnessing events or overhearing conversations and thinking ‘what if…?’ and ‘what happens next..?’ and filling in the blanks with an imagined story. I have to scribble my flighty ideas down quickly in a small notepad, which I keep in my handbag and also by the side of my bed, or I fear they will be lost.
This year, I have three works-in-progress on the go at the same time – two full length fiction novels and a non fiction travel guide. I’m particularly excited about these books as I’ll be writing them on a small remote island in the Caribbean. I usually live in cold and rainy Scotland but my husband and I are spending this entire summer ‘snap gapping’ in the Caribbean. In case you are wondering - a snap gap is a shorter and more grown up version of a gap year – and you can read my feature article on this very subject over at Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine.
The first of my works-in-progress is planned for release in November this year and it’s a romantic adventure novel set in the Caribbean. Why not keep up with my adventures and follow my writing progress on my regularly updated blog/website at"
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Find out even more about Janice
and her heart-warming, fun novels:
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7 comentaris

  1. Thank you so much for being the lovely host for our first author reveal! We're all very excited about our group of ten authors and Janice Horton is an amazing author. You did an awesome job of the post, Alba, and we're off to share and Tweet! Have a fabulous weekend - from the whole team at Hit Lit Pro!

    1. A pleasure to take part! Hope this project goes really well! x

  2. Oh wow - I can't tell you how excited I feel seeing this post and being involved with Hit Lit Pro and CandleLit! I'm really looking forward to the next year of writing, reading, and networking. Thanks so much Alba for hosting me today on your fabulous book blog!

    Love, Janice xx

    1. A pleasure Janice, I'm also really looking forward! x

  3. We're all so envious of your 'snap gap' Janice - hope you get lots of writing done. But then, with all that blue sea...

  4. Oooh, I cannot wait to see what you produce out their on your remote island in the Caribbean (it's a hard life). You go girl, you've earned it. Why can I see Janice under a little tent on the beach scribbling away? Love it. :)

  5. Ha-ha! Thanks for your lovely comments Jenny and Sheryl. You might be right - the sun and sea and sand might be rather distracting - not to mention the rum cocktails! For this reason I have prearranged my not yet written novel to be edited in October - the month I return to Scotland - and for its promotional tour in November. So the pressure is absolutely on! Wish me luck?