The Last Word

Title: The Last Word
Author: A.L. Michael
Published: May 6th 2014 by Carina UK
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Blurb: Tabby Riley’s online life was a roaring success. Her blog had hundreds of followers, and legions of young fans ardently awaited her every Tweet. Her real life was a bit more of a disappointment. Living in a shared flat in North London, scratching a living writing magazine articles on ‘How To Please Your Man in Bed’ wasn’t where she thought she’d be at twenty-six – especially when there was a serious lack of action in her own bedroom.

Until she was offered the job of her dreams on online paper The Type – and gained a sexy new editor, Harry Shulman, to bounce her ideas off. Tabby had previous bad form when it came to falling for well-dressed, smooth-talking editors, so no way was she going there again…ever! But had she got a little too used to hiding behind her laptop screen? Perhaps it was time for the real Tabby Riley to come out and have some fun!

I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Review: this is a great summer read, quick, easy and it will make you laugh. It actually reminded me of the movie Never Been Kissed, don't ask me why though...  Well maybe because Tabby is a clever girl who tries to prove to herself and to the world that she can be a good journalist and an even better person but somehow manages to hurt her loved ones and has to use her words to try and make everything right. As I said, you'll devour it in one sitting by the pool. Tabby and Harry are really cute together and you'll instantly like them and Tabby's friends add the perfect spark to this lovely story.


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