Emma's Christmas Favourite

Today I am very excited to welcome Emma , the fantastic blogger behind Star Crossed Reviews to my blog. She is going to talk about her favourite Christmas food and also about Christmas books. Have a look at the gorgeous pics! Emma, all yours: 
So what are my Christmas Favourites. Well firstly food…well mostly cake. I LOVE Christmas Cake and am known to eat large quantities of it every year. I made one last year and it was delish, so much better than the stores, it was a lot of effort though. I also love mince pies, especially if they are warm and covered in cold custard. It has to be cold. Yule log is also a favourite of mine, I am a not so secret chocoholic. I also love those little sausages wrapped in bacon. When I was little me and my brothers would fight over them. I also love the turkey, the stuffing the roasties, the whole shebang really.  

The other thing I love about Christmas apart from the decorations, the songs and the general happier feeling you get is Christmas Books. You get these books with beautiful snowy covers and you want to just curl up by a fire and read all evening. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but I am a sucker for a pretty book. Some of my favourite Christmas covers are I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk, Just for Christmas by Scarlett Bailey and Christmas in the Snow by Karen Swan.

So I think I have rambled enough now. Merry Christmas!!!
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