Katja's Christmas Favourites

Today I am very excited to welcome Katja, the fantastic blogger behind Cautious to my blog. She is going to talk about her Christmas Favourites. Have a look at the gorgeous pics! Katja, all yours: 

Hi all!

So… My favourites of Christmas, huh? Oh my, where to start? I’m the kind of girl who loooooves Christmas. I loved this holiday as a child and I still do as an adult. It’s cosy, magical and lovely and every other nice feeling you can imagine. It’s the best kind of holiday a year in my opinion. 

Because of that I couldn’t decide which topic to go for so therefor I’m giving you a little all-round Christmas favourites tour. You get five favourites for one’s price, that’s a catch you know! ;) 

Christmas calendars

 My mom is the kind of woman who never wants anything for Christmas. A couple of years ago I took her by her word and didn’t give her anything. Instead I gave her a Christmas calendar with 24 small presents, one for each day before Christmas. She was both surprised and exciting and just like that it became a tradition. She makes one for me and I make one for her. The only rule is that it has to be something nice you actually want and something you can use. It’s a pretty nice tradition and I love that I can open a new thing every day. My cat does too; sometimes she gets snacks and food in that way. Lol. 

Christmas cookies 

I don’t care how old I grow. I love Christmas cookies and they HAVE to be the exact same every year. You don’t mess with Christmas cookies, I’m just saying. It’s actually kind of funny because back when I was a kid we didn’t do a lot of baking at Christmas. I started that as an adult and now it’s a tradition that I can’t change. Every year a friend of mine is visiting and then we use a whole day together baking Christmas cookies and talking. When we are done we share the cookies and have both Christmas snacks and a nice day to remember. Some of my favourites are vanilla-flavoured cookies like the ones at the first picture. The second picture is oatmeal and cocoa snacks and they are my friend’s favourites every year. :) 

Christmas reading 

I love to read and yeah; I read all year. But at Christmas there’s something different to it. The feeling you get when you are sitting with a blanket, candles lightened up, hot chocolate in your favourite cup and Christmas cookies on the plate - And a great book in your hands. I love that feeling. Last year I re-read The Hunger Games and read Dash and Lily’s book of dares during the holiday. I haven’t decided what to read this year but maybe some ARC’s from NetGalley. That would be a nice way to spend the spare time. 

Christmas gifts

 Can you actually make a favourite list about Christmas and not mention the gifts? Of course I love the Christmas gifts too. I love spending time finding the perfect gift for someone else and usually I’m pretty good at it too. I like to spend time wrapping them nicely and beautifully. I don’t care if you are “going to open it and threw out the paper” in my head it’s still has to look nice before you’re opening it. And I switch theme every year. ;) And yes; of course I love to get presents too. A lot of families I know have decided not to give Christmas gifts for adults. I would really hate that, I love getting and giving those gifts. Adult or not. 

Spending time with my family 

The last thing on the list is spending time with my family. I love our tradition around Christmas Eve. I don’t know how Christmas is at your place but in Denmark everything happens the evening of the 24th. Every year we are meeting late afternoon while the food is in the oven and we just chill and relax. Everyone is bringing something for the table (my job is to bring cookies and snacks) and it’s just really cosy and relaxed all evening. We don’t have any children left in my family so we use a lot of time around the table and it’s just really fin and nice to spend this time together. :) 

Have a very merry Christmas everybody! 

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  1. Mmm cookies and sweets look nice. I need the recipes. Love the calendar idea. Have a great Christmas x